New stories for GayCupidStories needed!

The new site is quickly approaching its inauguration!

I’ll use some of the stories on GSS to be listed there too (stories CAN and SHOULD be shared across the upcoming sites, whenever appropriate), but of course, the site is in desperate need of unique stories to give it a jump-start.

So if you always had a romantic story, finished, just a draft or an idea yet, with no mind control elements, something that wouldn’t really fit on GSS but would be great to be placed on GayCupidStories, I’d ask you to consider to get it ready to be published there. It doesn’t matter if you have published that story elsewhere already (just not on GSS), the only prerequisite is that it has to be romantic and consensual. It’s ok (and even welcome) if it contains some other, non-mind-control kinks, but remember the other sites already in the pipeline: GayCollarStories, GayGearStories and GayBeefyStories, so you should also consider to save some stories for these as well. I expect those sites to come online in the next weeks or months, largely dependent on how well GayCupidStories is going to be received.

I expect GayCupidStories to come online this Thursday or Friday, at least for a selected group of people at first, and if it’s all working out fine, on the weekend for the general public.

I’m also planning to start a new story challenge for the new site pretty soon after it’s been opened, ideas for the theme of that challenge are also welcome!


Congratulations Martin! Your eventual network of websites will be the center of gay fiction!


thanks for letting us know about these. do you have the URL’s for them

I’ll post them once they’re open for business, right now they’re just planned but not reality.

The URLs will be pretty obvious though! :slight_smile:

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Ooh. Congrats on the upcoming sites and thank you for all your hard work!!


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Gay Cupid:



Gay Gear Stories FTW!

My current plan is, to start both Gay Gear Stories and Gay Collar Stories in August. If everything works out fine with Gay Cupid!

I’m there. I think my gear TF stories will likely fit nicely :slight_smile:

The site is already open now for Authors only.

So if you want to submit new stories for GayCupid, you can do so now.

Also you can now edit your existing stories on GaySpiral and select GayCupid as an “additional site” in the edit dialog. This is appropriate for stories only, of course, which have a real romantic touch. They should be consensual, too.

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I hope GayCupidStories does really well so the planned future sites become reality. But I fear also that because this is basically ‘vanilla’ stories, it competes with a lot of other sites for attention, in a way that GSS and the other planned future sites will not. I hope this will be taken into account when the go-no go decision on those future sites is taken…

Cupid is certainly struggling more than I expected. On the other hand, I didn’t do any real “marketing”, in the sense to ask other sites like to link to it. The reason is, that I want the first three sister sites up (Cupid, Collar and Gear) before I do that.

Financially, I have rented another server (fixed for three years by the way, to reduce the costs) which is supposed to host those three sites. Right now only Cupid is running there, and that single site hardly justifies the costs. But I’ve already dedicated myself to that server anyway, and once the other two sites are up, the cost/benefit is way better than right now.

The only thing missing to be able to start Collar is the graphical design. I’m a bit burned out at the moment and the other guys seem to be as well, so this is taking longer than expected…