New Story Notification

Is there a way to have a notification sent when a specific author publish a story? Like if you ‘follow’ the author, it’ll send you a notif when they upload a new post/chapter/story.

Especially when the story is a series, it could be useful to receive a notification about it (completely optional of course) and when the author is a favorite.

Is that already a thing here? Anyway, it’s just a random thought, no pressure :grin:

Patreons already get the option to get notified if a new story is published.

And I’m currently working on a User and Author Profile page. One of the features planned for this, is exactly what you’re looking for, to follow a given author.

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This is a super idea. Love it.
You could maybe have it for “series” as well.

“notify me when new series chapter”

Let’s see. I get the feeling you guys will never run out of ideas :slight_smile:

Of course not Cap’n