New writer asking

I have an idea for a story where the gay hero has to get fucked by men, who may or may not be gay, out of urgency and not lust.
It takes place in an alternate universe where powers exist and for his powers to be used, he needs to get fucked.

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I’m unclear what it is you’re looking for. Do you want someone to write the story? Or are you asking something specific about your idea?

I’m asking if the idea is accepted in this site.

I don’t see any problem with that scenario. Just write your story and publish it!

I think the story premise is so HOT! The more fucking, the better! I am so hard right now, which means it’s great!

I wonder if his concern was whether that meets the mind control threshold for this site.

It depends on how its written, but I would think mostly yes. If anything, maybe part of his power is making men want to fuck him when his powers are depleted or in need, but I assume that’s what you were alluding to with “ has to get fucked by men, who may or may not be gay”. But even without that it might pass depending on the content, so I’d just write the story you want to write.

It’s exactly as you have written.