New Zealand mind control/hypno fetishists

Kia ora !

Mindcontrol/hypnosis is not a very common kink.
New Zealand is a very small country so things like pride parade, gay bars, gay dating is not as big as we want them to be , like in overseas.

The point of this thread is to find other hypno/mind control fetishists. And maybe discus our own experience. Maybe even share subs. If they’re available :wink:

Anyway, I’m a 25 year old dom from Auckland . I like the idea of controlling men, mostly of authorative role (dads, cops, coaches, etc) and turning them into my oblivious submissive boys. I have very few experience dominating men and I have never met a mind control sub for fun.

I wanna know more kiwis that has the same kink as I do. So don’t be shy :slight_smile:


Muscled canadian Doctor jock in melbourne
I have no free will
To disobey a man who wants to enslave me through hypno, brainwashing, drugs and Bdsm breaking a slave of his will and old identity
And always going further

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