No more pictures in stories

Title says it all. I don’t like that that’s allowed… it takes me out of it. Your writing should be all the story needs. If you want to have pictures, just do casting at the beginning with links.


I have no tremendous objections to it myself. After all, some fantasy authors have been including artwork in their stories since the genre first became popular. I’m not sure how popular it is in other genres, but porn (i.e., the print variety) at the very least often includes highly erotic cover art/photos.

I don’t recall if it’s allowed, specifically, but I don’t see any rules saying that it’s not, and a story with a pic was recently approved, so I have to assume there aren’t.

I’ve also seen stories with embedded links to photographs in mid-story, which is a good compromise. It can help the reader envision something if they need the visual assist and want to click on the link, but the link text is only slightly distracting if you don’t want to look at whatever’s being linked to.

It is allowed as for now, I even explained how to embedd pictures in the ‘how to write a story’ article here in the forum.

However, as always, I am willing to hear your opinion on this.

My point of view: why ban it? Some people like it, and for some people it helps illustrating the person in mind. Books have been using illustrations to illustrate for ages, so why not? Like Harry Potter… even before Daniel Radcliffe, there was a clear picture in mind because of the illustrated books.

If it’s really a big issue, I might add an option to hide the pictures (if that can be done with reasonable effort).


I have no issues with embedded links. I think that’s fine. I just don’t like having the pictures inserted within the story. It’s way too intrusive, in my opinion.

And, @Martin, frankly it comes down to personal preference, but I think it would be nicer if we just limited it to putting links, and not to actually embedding photos. Ironically I find them distracting, and sometimes they can throw off the formatting on mobile as well.

I don’t think it’s necessary for you to do something like that… that’s a lot of work. I’m sympathetic to what you do on this site, and you do a fuckton. I just think it would be better if it were limited to links rather than photographs… then you wouldn’t have to do something like that, but the writers could still attach pictures for those who want to see them.

Just to check, on which story is the formatting broken because of an imbedded image?

Not exactly broken, but on mobile the pic is way wider than the text, so the text ends up looking extremely zoomed out to fit the photo.

Still, which story. I’d like to look for a way to make sure that the picture never exceeds the size of the page, in addition for an optional way to hide them altogether.

Both preferable to banning images i.m.p.o.v.

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While I agree that pictures are not needed when there is great writing involved, there should be a way to view a story with or without pictures. If I want pictures, there are plenty of places to find them.

All of Rozza’s. The photos are larger than the text.

Ok, I think I have fixed the issue. Thanks for letting me know.

The option to hide images altogether is still on the plate, though.

I don’t see the need to make a rule against it. I would never include pictures in my stories, and I don’t really read any stories that do, but if authors want to include them and other people don’t mind it then I don’t see the problem.

If you don’t like it, like I do, then simply avoid those stories. Simple. No need to restrict things for other people who might feel differently than you.

I don’t love them, though I certainly think each writer should choose how they want to tell their story.

Is there any way we can tell a story has embedded images? I’d just rather not click on 'em.