No new stories?

This can’t be right, surely… ? When I go to the home page, the newest story listed was published on 01NOV … almost a week ago? Tried refreshing the page, etc. No change.

I know we are all a bit distracted right now with the US election, the pandemic, Brexit looming (for real this time lol), etc. But surely some creative souls are still writing? :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not right. I see stuff up to six hours ago. Maybe try clearing your cookies and/or doing a hard refresh?

Just opened the site and the page seems to have updated (I didn’t have to do anything). Weird. But everything is weird at the moment so no surprise I guess. Lol.

Make sure to refresh the page when you open the browser, there’s a button to do that (right of the header ‘Latest Story’ and next to the ‘more stories’ button)