Non Role-Reversal

Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well!

(Would a recommendation section help for stuff like this?)
I was wondering if anyone had any good story suggestion for stories that don’t feature role reversal? I guess I mean one’s where the physically dominant / attractive guy is also the guy in control. If I try filtering by jock etc. it feels like every story is role-reversal (not a bad thing, but not really for me!). Twan’s stories were good for this, and those old stories by Darr Fall.


I guess “Authors and Readers” is the best section for this… :slight_smile:

Omgoodness you get me. I even put in a query on discord awhile back for tags that would lead to this. I felt vindicated that those who answered my call were shocked that there weren’t more stories with traditional stereotypical top/bottom pairings. I was starting to feel like I was the only one who wasn’t thirsty for role reversal pairings like #smalldom and whatnot. I especially would love to see stories where the bottom hypnotizes the top. There are a few I’ve found but I confess that most of the time I feel too disheartened to fight through the rest of the content. Anywho, all that just to say it’s nice to see I’m not alone. I can only hope someday there will be official tags for people like us. :slight_smile: