Not letting me publish a story?

Trying to publish a story and I don’t think it is going through, anyone know how I can fix this?

Stories are reviewed by site admins before they’re posted. If you clicked ‘Publish’, you’re probably waiting for approval.

What exactly is happening? You can contact me at and I will help you with publishing your story!

When I clicked publish it just kept saying I needed to ask the original owner of the series before posting but it wasn’t apart of an existing series. I eventually just didn’t put anything in the series section and it published fine.

So not really a big deal, either a small glitch on the site or I was messing something up.

What name did you enter for the series? If you used the name of an existing series (written by another author), this is exactly what’s going to happen.

Series names must be unique, you can’t have two series sharing the same name, as the system wouldn’t know which series to associate the stories to.

“Discord Dicknotist” was the title, 99% sure it’s an original series. I ended up deleting a draft and resubmitting to see if that would fix anything and then it sent me an email saying that the story was awaiting being published but since I deleted that draft it undid it. The email was only sent after I deleted that draft though. Like I said I think it was just some weird bug or something I’ve uploaded a handful of other stories and never had this problem in the past.