Obvious covid quarantine idea

Okay musk powered character. I like to call them muskrats,especially if you go for that cheesy Hairy virility sort of thing. Anyway, he’s got a roommate while stuck in a relatively confined living area and thanks to covid he has to stay inside

Normally his scent isn’t a problem. He goes out, gets hookups, it’s okay. He just smells or makes a good impression or has charm to those who like him or man smell. It (WWRPG then d20) lowers the difficulty or is a plus-4 but it doesn’t completely enslave, not really. Not to mention it changes based on his own mood, arousal, exercise, Etc.
But now that they’re stuck in the same apartment together he and his roommates are being affected and it’s having a radically different and varied effect everywhere he has to stagnate or stay or frequent. And it’s starting to affect him as well because he’s never really been this sequestered for so long before. At least not in these conditions, where it’s difficult to clean everything, go out to work, get sanitizer or citrus, or what have you. Stinking up a place 24/7 is much different than even sleeping in your room relatively at rest after a shower after 8+ hours somewhere else and of course there’s the food and a bunch of other things.

The result is that innocuously the Muskrat is seducing his roommates. Now, personally, I prefer for this to be a actual roommate setup, not an obvious two guys were hot for each other and then they f***, so much as it’s a place where you find a standard spread. Of course that can include multiple men in the same area.

Anyway some ideas that are coming to mind are

  • one of them actually does get sick at the other has to care take him and the more exposure that they get the more emphasis it’s done.
  • After a while the person whose initially affected has a sort of secondary effect on the Muskrat bringing out there more claiming or need to mate aspects. Maybe he’s geek squad tech and tinkering and tweaking instincts and drives ramp up. He has to be busy ‘fixing’ or adjusting things, his environment, and then his companions.
  • Basically pheromones are reciprocal in creatures so while one might be incredibly enticing and Charming perhaps there’s something else that they do for another person.
  • Person is of course aware of the power that their scent or Charm has had - they sort of figured it out but this is an entirely different scale and circumstance.
  • Even the roommate kind of knows of it, because obviously Muskrat doesn’t have trouble bringing people back. They just complain, you know, “Hey keep them away! Put a sock on the door!” excetera excetera
  • And of course there’s the frustration that if the roommates havet a paramour they have to be remain distant or they have to argue about the moving one in with Muskrat (or group) or out together for the duration of the quarantine, stuff like that.

Basically take a standard accepted cliche already accepted and taken for granted on this forum and in this format and use the unique situation ripped-from-the-headlines in order to see how it differs due to likely experienced and ‘new’ conditions. I realize of course for some this is important, especially if they have loved ones who are suffering. And of course the anxiety of what the hell’s going to happen to their jobs and stuff.(another point of integration Work from Home versus sickleave versus layoff who needs to keep motivated but no rent)

But still I did want to get the ball rolling

ETA: Formatting for easier read, some fleshing out of intensions.


The setup reminds me of the play Bug by no less than Tracy Letts. The Wikipedia entry doesn’t summarize it well. The superficial story is that a guy stops by and imagines that he’s got a bug that’s constantly itching him. Meanwhile it becomes clear to the audience that the guy is delusional and full of conspiracy theories. Meanwhile his host, who apparently has empathy for him, begins to also feel the itch of [an imagined] bug. The play ends tragically as the two become victims lost within their imagined phobias.

I would think that would be the result of a sequestration. Lost within the musky power of an odor that can’t be avoided, but only embraced. :slight_smile:

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Thanks sorry the post is nonensense I will fix it. Closest to this is that story with the psychic whongoes.to a rough part of town and becomes a feedback loop and ends up drugged and channelling the sexual spirit of brotherhood about people.

Or a straight one nervous male has pheromone that annoys men but makes women submissive exhibitionist and frisky.

Staying long-term with first ladyroommate slowl6 changes her into nudist who likes serving him. She retains most her personality.just at home gets nak3d and devoted to him.

Don t suppose video link to play? Or some snippet or scene inspirations?

I as thinking. Being in a coll3ge town. One of those four bedroom with a common sea apartments. But anything possible and how it progresses for roommate then roommate effects muskrat and wht if anything happens to neighbors or their relations

The idea of a somewhat nerdy guy having to stay in self-imposed quarantine in a house full of other males and slowly starts to make them his is extremely hot to me. They become more playful, needy, touchy feelie with each other, and especially him. They start to wear less and less clothing because its just the guys which helps to increase the rate of their submission. The more they become his the more he wants to play with them, to a state where the group has an incredible amount of gay sex.

As an aside I like the idea of the musk ability effects men and women differently. When targeting men it makes them submissive and horny and playful while being used on women makes them more accepting of the man and his actions and orders, and the actions that occur around him.


Needy how? Sorry its an adjective I see used with not certain the specifics in this context or how you feel best illustrates?

Eh…okay I guess but reason why went with Muskrat and aware enough of his own appeal and practiced enough at it. Seem… it IS picky but I feel there is something to it to everyone being sort of aware, and thus the audience, heightening the tension as things build and spiral. In my example he doesn’t easily seduce anyone, so much despite looks, status, and other obvious stuff he has this “allure” and it works for him. Even with his ‘muskrat’ look or whatever.
Even his roommate knows (at least no ignorant homophobic jock roommate) they have a dynamic its amiable but… well cabin fever and stuff escalates as knock of situation creates this perfect storm/soup to accelerate stuff.

This is… well damn you’re good.

Neat. I know its GAY spiralstories just… well Its weird I like my sex stories to just onboard with a little more versimiltude so ladies are there, have a place, to a degree, and there is a sense of deviance or something as people respond change to society and so on. This doesn’t even need a lady so much as a life wither starting gay, straight, bi, or seemingly asexual.
One Idea is the muskrat is picked up by guys always a one or two out of his league and gets along. He’s shiny to them. Its in the musk-box he becomes harem master.
Moreso if the affected sort of play their fantasies out for him as he usurps the dominate position which he acquires?

Ack Thanks for ALL responses just like hashing and imagining it out. Don’t have discipline or safety (need supplemental staff) for writing.

On Needy, they want to be around him and the others. They want attention. They want to be touched and played with. They enjoy being around the others and stuff.

On nerdy, you can be that and still be physically fit. What I was thinking was an intelligent guy with the ability of musk, not a (well to be frank) dumb muscle guy. I like my mains to have some smarts. (That said, I guess instead of nerdy I should have said intelligent, since nerdy has connotations I don’t require.)

I enjoy the cabin fever element enhancing things. I like the idea of the roomates normally being able to shrug off the effects because they get to leave.

I also like the idea that those among his circle that are bi become a bit dommy over the others, those straight become middle of the road, and those that are homophobic become super subby slutty pets.

One of the things about topics like this is that I very easily can spiral into worldbuilding mode. In fact when I start to come up with sexy ideas I often have to stop at a point because I start to think of how things change the world - which while fun isn’t sexy.

In an environment with some sort of widespread change or mind control there is some need to figure out where women fit into a situation with all the growing gayness. Often I create a situation where they are out of the picture by leaving the area but I also like them coming to be fine with it for various in-story reasons.

In this idea musk is musk so of course it effects both men and women. For men it makes them sexually connected to the creator and others and for women it makes them think that everything going on is normal, acceptable, due to a sense that the creator is in a position to do these things.

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Thanks don’t let me stop you. Maybe someone will use this.

Recall the person just has, always had, this ability. Its just… there and accepted. Like some having great pitch or able to do that thing with their fingers. If you went to the right groups or experts someone could test and quantify but its just a curiousity and not like “world domination”

The virus doesn’t change anyone direct its the knock on effects making this thing always there leech and reach and this intentionally starts small and scales up but not infinitely (need closed environmenty frequented for long periods and so on for effect THEN secondary effect)

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I could see the fun of this. Like in small normal doses he is just a guy that others find agreeable. They like being around him and are more likely to listen to his simple suggestions. It doesn’t make his life SUPER AWESOME AMAZING or anything but it does reduce his worries about having bad encounters with people, especially those he spends a lot of time around. Like a boss, for example, his bosses often come to like him.

Now though, now he found himself in a ‘sealed’ house with something like six or eight other people, all men, with little ability for separation. Its going to start having an effect. And as it does so the effect builds on each other till much sex results.

In my view this won’t stop them from spending some hours working from home, but it does lead to say one of them going under tables and desks and giving blowjobs or another bending over and letting themselves be taken. At first they try to stay away but that becomes hard till the point they are basically sitting half on the laps of others and arms caressing. With the amount of sweat they start producing they start reducing clothing to the essentials, which lets them look professional when working but really lets them be open and available for sex with each other. As the time goes on the problems they have with each other begin to fade as they start to enjoy each others presence more and more till the point that even things that should be bothersome become cute. One of them, maybe he was a bit uptight at first, starts loosing up till the point he begins livestreaming himself doing normal things in sexy ways.

But even more it seems that just as he is effecting them, they are effecting him. The more they change the more he produces, which modifies his body slightly. Its a cycle, one that reaches a stable point that involves them still being able to think and plan and such but also leads to hours and hours worth of sexual play. Thankfully they own the house and so there is little worries about loosing their place.

Just some ideas. :slight_smile:

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Pretty much only when he’s like trying does he subconsciously signal. He knows scent or skin exposure helps he bares his arms and he’s more successful on the pull and all his intimate folks, and if he just tries he gets SOMEONE to want to come with if he himself is in the mood (not necessarily invite him), enjoys his pits or places where his smell can be strong.

But mostly thats it. bosses might like him. people think he’s always trying to appeal and if he remains… placid/nice they take it as a given.

As a result of Covid many hours cut also lots of venues and public transit reduced. Basically nowhere to go and encouraged to stay in. If his office closed he’s stuck at home.

Eh… no I want the sense of … well not urgency or desperation but that they can’t just turn it off and orgy. They change and that dynamic means they have to deal with the outside even while its changed but not as they have been.

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Yeah at least ONE of them will get a “lets cam for cash” idea and try it personally or make it a group project to crack that… whats that film right beneath the eggshell but before the yolk? Like they’ve started. some are doing it. They even may know or can tell or want. but this just… bursts it. or something? Well not a plan but an example of how “Let’s cam” could go.