Old MC story I found on yahoo group

Hey this is a long shot but I thought I’d give it a try I found a old story on the yahoo group called “The Donner Family” its about a gay man who, after his father in law passes away, discovers that his husband and brother nephews and father were being controlled by the scummy youngest son and became the toys of the youngest Donner dad, his wife and his son. The story goes though the husband discovering the different things the mind controlled are being put though. I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to reread. I thought I saved all of it but I only have the last few chapters I don’t have the first 3 anyone know it and I was hoping maybe someone else might have them? They were written by sxrflction

If anyone does I’d appreciate if someone could post/send them to me

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I dont have the story but i gave you a message.

I remember this story .
It’s so hot and been looking for it for over years and years!

Please share it. I’d like like to wank to it again and again like old times :Q

Hey messaged Marbles but not he’s seen it. Do you have the link?

Thank you!

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