Onix BMOC: Season in Hell chapter order

HI Team,
I have been recently rereading Onix’s excellent work and noticed that the next chapter links for BMOC: Season in Hell are out of order when clicking from one to the next. I could still follow it because I was already familar with the story but it might be confusing for new readers.
Also, if you haven’t read his work and you love you some quality MC/TF story? Check it out! I highly recommend it. There are also some earlier stories in the same series that are missing on here but are available at the MC archive if you google them.

Could you please link the series you’re talking about? So I can fix this?

Certanly. Apologies for the delay. Aussie timezones. https://www.gayspiralstories.com/newSeries/show/6809 That shows the links to all of BMOC#7 A season in hell. The links in the actual chapters are out of order as well.
Thank you also for all your hard work on the site. It’s very appreciated. <3

@LuciferRexMundie: Thanks. That series is really fucked up. Most of the stories have the same publishing date, for whatever reason. That’s why they aren’t sorted correctly.

Currently there’s no way to adjust the publish date (other than manipulating the database directly), but I wanted to add a control (for admins) to do just that anyway. I’m going to do that today, then I can fix it. Give me a bit of time please, I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Wow… I had to fix a bug that could cause the whole site(!) to hang when editing certain stories. That wasn’t easy to find, but because of your request I finally had a story where I could finally reproduce that problem.

So the series should be fixed now.

Thanks for letting me know!

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Man that’s awesome. Glad some more good came of my request. Keep up the awesome work and know have the thanks of many of us in the community that rely on this site to scratch that itch that only these kind of stories can.

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