Option/Preference to permanently hide "Active Tag Filter" warning

I would greatly appreciate an option to permanently avoid the “Active tag filter: you have x% stories hidden!” blue warning box that I see on the home new stories tab or on the search page. I am definitely aware that I have tags filtered, as certain tags are complete turn-offs for me, I am grateful they’re there so I can filter them, and the blue warning is a little disruptive (and on mobile, fills about an eighth of my screen). I certainly understand the impetus behind having it there, but I’d like the ability to turn it off and have it stay off if at all possible. Thanks for considering!

They will stay off for the current session, once you click the dialog away.

I understand your request, but on the other hand, I had to answer several bug reports where people were complaining about missing stories … just because they forgot that they are using a filter.

Thanks for letting me know! I definitely get the wish to avoid bug reports, but was thinking having it as an active preference you have to opt into might avoid that sort of thing. Anyway, I understand your position, and it’s not much more than an inconvenience to me, in the end.

I’ll consider it. At least to increase the time until they pop up again, maybe to once every 10 days or so.

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