Option to disable comments/ratings for your story

Can it be an option to disable comments / ratings when you submit a chapter? I’d prefer to have the choice of getting no feedback.

Yes you can disable both comments and rarings separately, in the author’s panel, the right-most (or bottom-most on a phone) two buttons toggle that.

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@Martin if you disable ratings does that stop favourites as well? I’m just curious.

No, that’s independent. The “Favorite” button puts the story on a reader’s favorite stories list, which will always work. I hope that the number of “favorites”, that’s shown to the author, doesn’t cause any problems for them. If anyone objects to that, I’d consider disabling showing that counter, though.

I could also disable showing the number of reads and hits if people want that option.

I’d prefer to not get any kind of feedback at all, if possible, but It’s honestly not likely that I’ll ever write anything anyway.

If you change your mind and want to publish a story, but only if this statistic is disabled, I think we’ll be able to find a solution for you.


I find customisation options fascinating, can you disable specific categories, like mind control, or is it everything at once?

Of course you can. That’s what the category selector is there for:

It has been there for quite a while :slight_smile:

And you can also block tags you don’t like with the tag filter next to it. There you can disable “mind control”, as it’s not a category but a tag.

Category might not be the wrong word, I’m not sure what the word is. Hotness, Mind Control, Writing, Wanking, and Idea, the categories for ratings. Can you disable one and not the others? I know there are stories that have transformation, but not mind control, so people might like to disable that one category of rating

Oh. Sorry.

Not directly. The site(s) you publish a story on defines the category to a certain degree. Mind Control is only available if you publish on GSS, the collar rating is only available on Collar, the Romance rating is only available on Cupid, and the Kinky (banana) rating is only available on Kinky.

Other than that you can’t control the rating categories (yet).

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