Orc goblin or troll tf

Does someone know where I can read or see content featuring man being fucked by either orcs, goblins or trolls (of the wow type) it would be better if some transformation also happened to the human man, getting turned into one of the beasts that fucked him.


lustful desires is a game with some great orc content

Don’t know about orcs, goblins or trolls, but here are two transformations that I like. The first is of a man turning into a satyr. Posted below is the pertinent chapter but you have to read the whole story to identify with the characters: 'Satyr In the Woods Part - FINALE Part II' by cubwriter28 - Gay Kinky Stories

This is one of my favorites and it’s the first chapter. Here a monk is transformed into a demon:

In both cases I think the key is not only the transformation but the building of expectations of what the reader both fears and wants. Good luck!

There are some great orc TF stories on metabods.com

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In terms of orcs I would recommend Avatar by Nex_Anima_Canis over on Furaffinity.

My story ‘Life After Life’ has a man transformed into an Orc.

There are some really great stories there and the tags are really good, thanks.