Other story sites?

Hi, dudes (also dudettes? Don’t mean to offend if so).

I had an idea for a raunchy-but-comic gay sex spoof of Dungeons and Dragons, but it doesn’t have any mind control in it (at least as far as it’s presently formed itself in my mind). Does anyone know of other gay story sites where that sort of thing would be welcome?

Nifty.org I know, but it’s a little too big and unwieldy for the kinds of stories I like to write. Any direction appreciated!

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Honestly if there’s any kind of transformation/mind-altering stuff you could probably still put it here imo. If not, put it on Archive of Our Own (AO3). They’ve already got a Dungeons & Dragons tag.

Wherever you put it, keep us posted! Love gay sex AND dnd, so this seems right up my alley

woohoo! I love D&D :smiley: