Pentagon has "weaponized perfumes" that make men gay

The latest from lunatic conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Wonder if he writes stories here under a pseudonym.

ALEX JONES (HOST): Atrazine does have the same effects in mammals as it has in frogs. And it changes areas of the brain associated with the olfactory nerve. That’s the nose, my friend. That’s the part of your brain that hooks to your nose. And everything else that make men feel attracted to other men.

The Pentagon developed a Atrazine-type spray that they would spray. They tested it actually in Iraq. That’s classified but it was – it got leaked. You can pull it up. Gay bomb! They always take like a clip of me going gay bomb, baby! And then I show BBC, but they cut the BBC, and it’s basically a chemical cocktail, not just of Atrazine. They add some other chemicals. It’s classified. But the word is, it’s like, what’s ecstasy’s compound? I forgot. MDMA! They mix that with Atrazine and stuff. And then they spray that on you and you’ll start having sex with a fire hydrant.

I mean, the point is, is that sex is all based not even on visual, men it’s mainly – but it’s smells with women particularly. But they can flip that on. It’s like perfume. You know, everybody knows about that? Well, they’ve got weaponized perfumes, basically that will make men attracted to other men and they want you to do that so you don’t have kids.

Reminds me of this:

Eh, he’s just like all the other conservative commentators. He says outlandish things so people will continue going to his website and giving him ad revenue. The same way Ann Coulter gets people to buy her books. You’ll notice a trend when the media reports on something stupid she says, and she’ll recently have a new book out :wink:

I suspect this should be tested much more. For sake of science, I will personally volunteer for such testing & research.

The idea of a conservative government paying to research such a thing and then having it backfire on them kind of just hit me on the hot meter.

Like maybe there research was to pacify people but when it got out it turned straight men gay or maybe they became subby to actual gay men.

So much fun!

Scientists researching this, and intelligence agencies or militaries paying for the research, isn’t far fetched.

His statements are ridiculous. To lead you to understand, he says well, for women, smell affects attraction. Based on that, you can clearly see how a perfume making men attracted to men is possible.

I mean, huh?

I mean of course his statement is ridiculous, he’s an idiot, but the idea could be quite erotic. Hehe