Pet men?

I was wondering if I’m alone in my chosen fetish. I have fantasies of turning men into my pets. I’m not talking about pupping a guy, or slavery. My fantasy, is to take a normal looking guy and making him crave being petted being taken care of. Most of the time he would act normal, but a brush of masters hand he would go into submissive pet mode. I’m kind of iffy about how it happens, be it hypnosis, mind control, or magic. I just like the idea of a businessman or bodybuilder being reduced to another mans pet.


That idea of changing or adopting animal characteristics used to be behind the Transformation Story Archive. Their website is archived at: There is one story on that site I can’t forget and which intersects with mind control: At a party, a guy tries on a gorilla costume and then finds that he can’t remove it, and gradually he finds himself losing human abilities…

Just last night I was chatting with a guy who likes to think of his furry personal as a werewolf. That said, I think it’s important to maintain the integrity of GSS (as Martin did in a post some time ago) by insisting that stories have some element of mind-control.

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Absolutely. You are not alone. i have had this done for me - to me, and loved every minute. Thats where my name comes from. Master C didnt want a 4 legged pup or dog or whatever. He wanted an anthro pony man / boy. able to work when needed, to be fussed over when wanted.

Worked out very happily for both of us.


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If you want to experiment on me, feel free to.