Photographic mind control

What about a story about someone who has the ability to use photographs to either summon the people in them out of that time period or even just a copy of them. Once summoned any command given by the summoner becomes their new reality. However this power has a time limit and can only keep them around for 10 minutes. If someone is summoned out of their time, changed then set back, I wonder how that could change things?

Maybe like this.

Conner held the picture of in his hand. The power surges through him. His gift of remote viewing had allowed him to spy on others in the past but this, this was new. Getting hit by lightning had changed everything. Conner looked at the picture in his hand. He stared at the handsome young telegraph operator. He took a deep breath and envisioned the young man’s day. A warm blue mist filled the room. Out of the mist walked the blond blue eyed telegraph operator. Conner gasped at the site.

The telegrapher continued to go about his day as if he was still in his own time. “Margret is that you” he called out expecting his fiancee bringing him lunch. Conner smiled at the sight. “She isn’t coming” Conner said placing his hand on the telegraphers chest. He pulled away from Conner. Conner grabbed hold of him he only had a finite amount of time. Conner pressed his lips against the telegrapher. “What’s you name” Conner cooed. “Hezekiah” the telegrapher replied as Conner undid his shirt. Conner carresed Hezekiah’s chest. Hezekiah panted sweat dripping off his body. Conner unzipped his pants wrestling his cock free. Conner bobbed and sucked mumbling in between slurps "you desire men you only want to be with men. Hezekiah’s eyes rolled back the commands rewriting his psyche. Hezekiah lurched forward spraying a geyser of cum. His time with Conner was over. The mist surrounded him and he was gone.

Hezekiah’s story

It was early spring when I had to leave New Bedford. The marriage to Margret was not meant to be. My pa came after me his shotgun a blazing when he found me with the Bellamy boys.

Something like that maybe

Yeah, thats awesome. It would also be good to get inside Hezekiah’s mind as his thoughts change.

I also thought of the main character changing the guy in the photo into a slave and then watch how that changes his history when he goes back. Then again, maybe it doesn’t change his history, it just makes his present self under the main characters control.

It was just a quick thought, maybe we can callaborate

Great to hear your thoughts. I’ve got other stuff I’m working on right now, but maybe sometime in the future.