Pig Male Tfs

Hi everyone,

Totally love all the pig male tf inspired stories on here but struggle to find new ones to read. Anybody got any suggestions

Anything involving either pig like behavior or actual changes mentally or physically to the front please

Much love

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Have you checked out all of these already?

Search Stories - Gay Spiral Stories

If you are looking for this kind of stories you have read it already but nonetheless, Dalton’s Trailer Park was a great story.
Hope there will be authors who have the possiblity to write stories about this part of my fantasies.
Well trained men (in uniform, leather bikers, construction workers) who will find the slow path to an existance where they enjoy the life as a real pig. Filth, musk, piss, tattoos, verbal abuse are some of the tags.
The men in control are the dirty minded skinheads, thugs and hiz wearing bastards.

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