Planned Features

In this topic I want to collect planned features and feature requests for the site.

Here are the things I have in mind right now, in the order I plan to implement them. Please feel free to add your own suggestions or give me a hint if you think something needs a higher priority…

Please check all the things (up top 5) in this list you’d like to see first:

  • Option for the user to get notified as soon as new stories are published on the site.
  • Option for an author to get notified if there are new comments on a story
  • Option to enter additional info when rejecting a story, send that by mail to author.
  • Tag list management for admin to be able to clean up the tags. Option to merge tags, approve and/or edit tags used for the first time.
  • Change the link on the story list to lead to the list of chapters (instead of the latest chapter).
  • Add more and more obvious ways to rate a story - Feedback is everything for an author!
  • Allow links with arbitrary text in stories (not just “click here”)
  • Rework menu (e.g. inline search…)

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Now it’s your turn to add your suggestions or give me your opinion!

Additional suggestions:

  • Options for readers to add tags to existing stories

Also, a favorite story option would be nice so a reader can return more easily to stories they want to re-read


I really liked the old system where you could rate a story for various different things, like Muscle growth, Mind control… etc. It really helped you search stories based on those ratings.

Maybe it could be done with the tags up/down voting tags so they have a score?


Actually, this option has existed for a long time already. But it’s rather inconspicuous.

If you’re logged in on the site, you’ll see a button on each story looking like this:

Not only will the author get a statistics on how many stories are “liked”, you can also get a list of the stories you’ve liked yourself. Just open the user menu on the top right and select “Your liked stories”.


I agree, I liked that as well. What do you think of a system like they have it on Where there’s a nifty like bar on the bottom of each story with several different options? So you can choose if you thought a story was either excelled at being “cute”, “sexy”, “hot”, “thrilling”, “mind-controlling” etc. ?

If someone know where to get that widget from (I’ve been looking around with no success) I’d appreciate it very much!


My big request would be to make adding some tags mandatory, or re-introduce something like on the old NCMC whereby readers could add/suggest tags, and if IIRC the same tag got added three times, it became a visible tag.

The worst thing I hate on here are stories with no tags, and poor descriptions. I’ve reached the point, that unless it’s from an author I like and know the story might be to my liking, I’ll just ignore it and find something else to read if there’s no tags.


I’ve added your suggestion (there’s no way to change the poll itself, though).

This is pretty tiny and quite probably not worth the effort it might take to change–but numerous times now, because of the simplicity of the change when you click that little thumbs up–I’ve utterly forgotten which status of the symbol means I’ve liked it and which one means I haven’t yet, and I’m pretty sure I’ve unfavorited stories simply out of confusion. I know that’s a bit ditzy of me but–it might be a bit less confusion if the thumbs up maybe changed to a different color (like green) entirely, or something a bit less inconspicuous, when you click it?


Thanks for all the work Martin!! Though I appreciated all Hugh did to save the old NCMC going and run this website it was starting to feel stale to me. I hope that is offensive that happens over time to most websites.

I am excited to see your energy here Martin though! I feel like there is some fresh blood and excitement. Though I love all the authors for putting in time and creative energy. I would love to see new voices and stories be created! Is there a way to attractive new authors? I love writing myself but have no exprience with erotic writing. Is there a way for writers to get together a share ideas?

Once again thankyou for your service here!

Another suggestion would be that a new Chapter’s synopsis should show up as that chapter’s synopsis as opposed to the first chapter’s on the front page.

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I would enjoy having the ability to italicize certain words in stories. It is an important tool for adding emphasis, especially in dialogue. Perhaps this already exists, and I am ignorant, but I am pretty sure it does not.


Yep, i agree with @Swizzington and @T.K.Summer. Would love to see those features implemented, if possible.

I agree because I had the same problem. The thumb in general is too inconspicuous and is overlooked by most people - which is also bad for the authors. But I’ll combine that with the reworking of the story feedback.

Thanks for your kind words. I just want to add that Hugh has put an immense amount of work into the site, most of which might not be apparent. Practically everything is custom coded, and I don’t even want to imagine how much time went into all of this. I guess he just burned out a bit.

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but I’ve created the category “Authors & Readers” here in the forum as a place for people to make suggestions for stories and authors to find inspiration.

That sounds more like a bug to me. Noted!

Yes, I’ve had the same idea as well (just forgot to list it). If possible, I might even add a simple WYSIWYG editor (like the one in the forum), if I can find a suitable solution to do that. But bold and italic text should be possible in any case.

Thank you for all your suggestions, please keep them coming!

Oh, I forgot to mention, would it be okay if we had the ‘recent comments’ feature again? I liked looking at that, as sometimes someone commented on an older story, which brought it to my attention. Thanks again for all your work Martin, the forum so far is really promising.

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The “Comments” feature is still there, I’ve just moved it into the “Links” menu.

And thank you!

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How about an option that let you not only select the tags you want but also the tags you don’t?
I mean, I can search for “byebyegirlfriend” but I don’t wanna read stories with “muscle grow” on them too.

Also, more tags on the tag search wold be cool, I think, let the most popular on display and you can also write the tag you want and the system would search and autocomplete it if it exist on the site… something like it happens when you tag the stories.

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Something I forgot to mention earlier, but would it be possible to have more comments show on the latest comments page?

I quite like to see what stories have been getting commented on, but if I don’t check in for a while, only seeing 10 at a time means I have to go back several pages to see what’s been getting discussed.

I think a feature that has to be added, is to get a list of comments on your OWN stories and maybe even some notification when there are new comments for you.

But considering how much there’s to be done, this can take a while.

But please keep reminding me :slight_smile:

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Rome wasn’t built in a day :wink:

I think it’s safe to say, we all appreciate the work you’re putting in, and don’t expect new features to appear instantly. Just whenever you get time and find the motivation to add them.

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Hey MW-Scot, you can tweak how many comments you see by modifying the URL. Here’s a link you can bookmark which shows the last 50:

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