Please help me find a story!

Torturing myself looking for this. A young man succeeded his father as a partner. He renew the company layout and allowed people not to wear suit. An IT department employee and his roommate persuaded the new leader that they have a more fashion plan and asked leader to gather everyone in conference room by mail. Actually, they hypnotized everyone in the conference room with a hypnotic device.(by the way that stand up and sit down faster and faster). All female and old man quit their job and they can only choose jobs with minimum wage. All employee need to sell their car and donate money to company. They should wear suit and use public transport to company. That all i can remember.

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Sounds like “Yes, Sir!” by Swizzington, which he’s deleted.

Yeah that sounds like one of mine from years and years ago. The title is laughably lazy, haha.

I intend to ‘remaster’ that story with some updates and (hopefully) better writing. Then I’ll make it public again. I didn’t realize anyone would be looking for or wanting to read it, so I hadn’t prioritized it. It’s on my to-do list! :slight_smile:


Thank you, Retrofantasia. And looking forward to your new story ,Swizzington.

I was also looking for this story today, sad we can’t read it at the moment but glad we will get it revamped in the future, thx for your stories @Swizzington

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