Plot advice idea typhoid mario

We have had musk or zombie or muscle plagues. Guys getting addicted or unwhittingly altered

But how many times someone immune or mild carrier to effect spread to those they expose?
On Mario he is subtling cute. Attractive and alluring to the infected.or vulnerable. But he doesn’t know. He is oblivious to the effect. Turning men exposed or with changing more immediate and extreme. Either bears, hunks, sm freaks.
It 8s observable. Noted. But they do not know there turn people into heavy muscle masters
So unaware oblivious of changes causing
Lack of direct control of effect. Like Pygmalion fall or pulled by their creation which grows more extreme to maybe what liked or noted about them but goes off from "victims direction/desire/potential

One I am thinking of is like male scent. Or one guy curse d to turn his lovers into what thought most of them. And as climax3d sort of the fantasy took over.

Not as much thing. I think.
I suppose also the trail.

9ne image I have is of the bright beautiful victim. Bright undeniable in beauty but those with grow darker more primal and bestial with a.primal ruggedness. As if drain8ng their beauty to self but mo4e growing more beautiful and alluring. But while feel sexual even eager to prise and come one wh8le conventionally gorgeous more than sexual. But the more beautiful grows the more extreme dark and primal lovers he makes turn on. And they unable see those outside the horde as them and drawn and using the beauty at the center

Sorry different idea and more…fe3ling than specific. But looking for it and how have

Have you read my story “Carrier”? Kind of a similar premise, but here the carrier of the viral mind control is a woman named Carrie. It didn’t get a great response, as some readers were turned off by the female narrator, but I still kind of love it.

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Wasn’t she deliberately spreading? I think recall. Give it another try

She wasn’t deliberately spreading. She was just the victim of a mind control video that affected men and women differently.

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