Plot Device: Spank Make Paddle

Saw this

and was inspired. A paddle that when used to spank someone makes them like spanking Makes them into it. If spanked in the future turns them on and takes in deeply what happens when spanked (but not necessarily JUST what said)

The paddle can override once spankee’s sort of resetting them. If used to ‘salve’ them it can wipe away the effects making it fade along with the fetish, trigger, and addiction

this is orientation agnostic, tops, bottoms, straight, gay. Their rumps become large turn on buttons. But how they respond or develop is something that varies or they try to handle uniquely.

While some are gifted spankers, the paddle works for whoever holds it. the spankee’s enjoy who works them and the situation. And sort of shift as talked or take in unless can shut it out, though this is hard they LIKE being spanked and who spanks them is hard to ignore/shut out.

Secondary effects is shaping the rump especially after leaving a bottom bruised, and physical changes or just feelints and adjustments start or center there.

Feel free to use it


Lovely Concept

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