PLOTHOLE Bundle: Author Interviews

Hey all, along with 9 other authors, I created the PLOTHOLE: Loregasm Edition Bundle, featuring 17 stories by 10 authors for just $10! The proceeds are split between paying authors and supporting their chosen charities, the Trevor Project and the You Can Play project. We would love your support.

I have been interviewing all the authors of the bundle. I’ve finished five of ten interviews so far and wanted a place to share them with you – most are people you already know and love.

In order of appearance, we have interviews with:

Soren Fitz

Evan Jackson



Dace McGraw

I hope you enjoy these author interviews! There’s more to come. Please support the bundle if you can!


These interviews have been really fun, and if you want insight into the minds of any of these authors y’all will really enjoy these!

Who ever thought you’d see an interview with Nutiper, anyway? It was really cool hearing about his own progression as a writer on this site and in general.

(also shameless plug for my interview i tell funny story haha)


Hey y’all, here’s my interview with newcomer to GKS, DAVIS G. SEE!

This interview features good game dev advice and being horny for good characterization!

Here’s my interview for PLOTHOLE! Noam de Pluma turned the tables on me, haha!

Featuring thoughts on mentorship, deep time and nuclear waste, erotic larp, being a comment magpie, and more!

I’m trying to buy the bundle but I get a message from that says “mismatched token”. Has anyone else had any issues?

Hey there! I did a quick search and apparently it’s a bug that happens from time to time – they suggest clearing the cache and reloading.

Hope that helps!

And here’s an interview with Noam de Pluma for you to enjoy!

Hey all! Check out the author interview with TheDirtySpiders! Featuring a deep dive into Spider’s experience with dyspraxia, my learning of an aspect of Irish manners, and a discussion of how TF kink distills a character’s personality.

Hey all! Our Author Interview series is now complete for this edition of PLOTHOLE! Here’s our last interview with lotus-silk, the only author I have ever interviewed who is a literal frog!