Poll for the next Story Challenge theme is live! EDIT: Poll has closed!

Hi all! Philip K here. I’m opening up voting for the next challenge theme. :eyes:

Voting will be open all week, until next Sunday, May 7. The story challenge itself will go live in about a month, during June.

You’re encouraged to come up with your own smutty, smutty interpretation of the winning theme for your story challenge submission. :smirk: But check out the detailed descriptions below, too, for an in-depth look at the prompts that are up for voting.

You can also vote for more than one challenge theme if you have a hard time choosing. Have at it!


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If a theme wins, the relevant post below will be the official description for that theme. It’ll be what gets posted to the main site when the challenge is up.


True names, secret names. Nicknames, fake names, pet names. Contracts and binding names. “Don’t tell the fae your name.” Names to control you. Names to change you. The secret meaning of your name. “Your name is who you are… or is it?” A gambler accidentally trades away his true name at the slot machines. A man discovers his affectionate pet names for his husband are influencing him in more ways than one. An office worker gets pranked with a name badge reading “Richard Sucker”… and now the whole office is convinced he’s a total blowjob slut! A linguist attends a ‘naming convention’, and discovers that name-dropping can be dangerous when it’s literal…

The possibilities are endless. What’s your story about THE POWER OF NAMES?


A super-villain invents a Twink Ray… only to have the intrepid hero turn the Twink Ray on him. Your imaginary friend takes on a life of his own—and now he’s trying to date you! An author’s characters step off the page and decide the next story features the author… at the center of a mind-breaking orgy. An AI engine gains sentience, and one hell of a libido. A corporation’s DILF robots have gone rogue, and (oh no!) they’re seducing and fucking all the local dads! Your roommate gets hold of your Chronivac and you need to get it back… so why can’t you stop thinking about getting fucked by him?

The possibilities are endless. What’s your “HELP, I’VE LOST CONTROL OF MY INVENTION” story?


Is this prompt about empty houses, or is it about empty minds? Why choose when you can have either, or both? A group of fratboys break into the abandoned house on the hill, and discover it’s haunted by some very horny ghosts. A photographer realizes his overly strong flashbulb temporarily turns guys into himbos. A burglar tries to break into an empty apartment and stumbles into some hypnotic security measures. A NASA custodian mixes up a bottle of Drain-o with Brain-o… the nation’s top rocket scientists will never be the same. Two real estate brokers engage in a literal battle of wills (and minds) over who gets to sell the empty mansion down the street. A guy jokingly bets his brains that his sports team will win… so which of his friends will collect on the bet when they lose?

The possibilities are endless. What’s your LIGHTS ON, NOBODY’S HOME story?


Fame, charisma, Hollywood magic. Space stations and comets, rockets and starfuel. Constellations, horoscope magic, pentagrams for summoning. “Wish upon a star and your dreams will come true.” A lonely scientist’s Charisma Engine explodes and grants him the magnetism of a Hollywood god… and the sex drive of one, too! A rocket ship refuels at an unusually-colored star station, and the crew find that the pink starfuel has some interesting side-effects. A warlock accidentally pulls Sagittarius himself down from the sky—and discovers he might have a new horse-hung boyfriend. A guy makes a wish on a falling star… but so do all his neighbors, and now all their wishes are coming true…

The possibilities are endless. What’s your STAR POWER story?


A hitman is hired to ‘take care’ of a monster… but no one told him the monster would be so sexy, or so exactly his type… A camper is abducted by a pack of werewolves, who promptly pack-bond with him and make him their prime omega. A college student discovers the monster under the bed is real, and really freakin’ hot, too… A mad scientist brings his artificial human to life—and learns that only a sensuous night of passion will tame the savage beast! A monster hunter sets out to prove that Bigfoot really is as big ‘down there’ as they say (and that his ass can take it). The new super-buff “pet monsters” are all the rage—until people discover that feeding them after midnight triggers a pheromone-laden, sexy evolution… A repressed librarian attends his first Monster Fucker convention, but realizes he got the address mixed up and he’s at the monsters’ Human Fucker convention…

The possibilities are endless. What’s your MONSTER CARE story?


Can anyone vote or is this only open to authors? Maybe it doesn’t matter. I like all the topics.

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Everyone can vote. Both readers and authors should have a say in this.


Oh wow on formatting. I didn’t realize this forum software could make it so awesome. Kudos on that.

Also thumbs up on the topics, they are very cool.


Wow, what a choice of amazing possibilities. Really excited to get writing for the next one.


I call shenanigans!

Surely, you can’t expect us to choose simply one option from all these deliciously pervy prompts! :drooling_face:


Confirming what Martin said — anyone can vote! :blush: The poll is for writers and readers!

And as someone once said: “The line between readers and writers is arbitrary. Any reader can become a writer. Many do.” Plus, it’s not uncommon for a first-time writer to get inspired by a challenge theme, and end up writing and submitting their first story because of it…

I’m glad you like the themes!


Okay, I voted. Actually for two although I really like them all.

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And it looks like our next story challenge theme will be THE POWER OF NAMES! :smile: Thank you for voting, everyone!

The story challenge will open for entries during the month of June. And it will remain open to submissions for six weeks, as per the usual. So you’ve got some time to work on your stories. :wink: Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!