Possible Plagiarism?

I go to a lot of places outside this site for hypno fetish content and I’m curious to know if anyone else has been to Ao3, or Archive of Our Own. It’s a fanfiction website that carries the “mind control” tag so I often sort by new and recently, I’ve come across this piece of work. A few paragraphs in and I felt something weird, so I scrolled down to the end and confirmed my suspicions; that this is a full repost/rewrite of one of my favorite stories I Think!

Originally I thought this was Edlam himself, but why would he take his already written story and just change a bunch of the terms within it instead of just writing something else? Correct me if I am wrong, though. While I know that some stories on this site have also been fully reformatted from mcstories content, they will reference the original and state that it is a rewrite. It really rubs me the wrong way if someone else really is claiming this work as their own.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing happen over there. I have actually also seen this rewrite of Orion1961’s Manbreaker series, but I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to signal boost that one as it’s possible Orion1961 isn’t even frequenting this site anymore. Just wanted to put this out there to hear your thoughts, possibly spread the word to either author if they care, and show that even this community, no matter how niche it is, isn’t safe from blatant IP theft

Unfortunately stories that we post online can easily be “stolen“ by less talented individuals. I don’t know how we can guard against it. There’s just too many sites. I’m not saying that we sit sit back and accept whenever we find that someone has stolen one of our stories. Yet, it’s to be expected that thefts could possibly and does probably happen without our knowledge.

Oh damn…I definitely didn’t rewrite my story. I guess I’m slightly honored someone thought it was good enough to copy. Haha


I don’t condone plagiarism, it’s even part of our rules for publishing stories here, that you own the rights.

We’ve tolerated repostings of original stories as long as the original author has been credited, but it is definitely a grey area.

I can never tell which is the original and which is the copy. In some cases, we had the original author contact us and if he was plausible (which is usually the case) we took the story down.

Edlam just answered to this thread right while I’m typing this text. I can only take his word for it, and as he’s a renowned and popular author, I have little reason to doubt him.

However, that story on AO3 has been posted before it’s been published here. That in itself doesn’t mean anything (Edlam could have posted it even before 2015 somewhere else), but of course, this leaves me a bit at a loss what to think.

Sigh. So as long there’s isn’t anyone claiming to be the original author of those stories contacting me, I’ll let them stand, as I have no way to proof or disproof which is a copy of which.

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You may be misreading the date Martin, it was posted recently. Ao3 dates start with year first! My plagiarism issue is with the person that copied Edlam, not edlam himself haha


I was just going to comment on that. I see the “published” date as today.


I can also vouch for this being Edlam’s, as there are certain details to it that Edlam and I have talked about long before the story was published.


This is def my original story (based around a post hypnotic trigger that I actually have ) and it appears it was published today. I’m mostly flattered someone would steal my work, but I assure everyone, I most definitely do not steal other’s work at all. Robin and I have shared ideas for years and years. I know he’ll attest to that.

Regardless, I appreciate the heads up and will report for sure.

Thanks, all!!


Oh damn. I’m soooo stupid. Sorry sorry sorry Edlam…

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No harm done or offense taken at all! I appreciate all your work to keep our horny desires fed and maintaining a safe place for all of us to do it at the same time haha

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Wow I bet you’re upset. A LONG time ago I had someone take one of my anime fanfics, copy it, and line by line rip it apart in the MST3K style, but not without asking me if he could do it. It was not done in good fun, and the jerk even mocked elements of the story which were cannon details from the show. Essentially he showed himself to be an ignorant ass… but still. My work. Appropriated and brutalized.

Good luck with dealing with this. I hope you are planning to have AO3 to pull that plagiarized work.