Posting Schedule?

I’ve been writing a new story and after a while I realized that it’ll need more chapters to develop in the way I want. My question is: do you guys have any recommendation on how should I post the chapters? Like, how long should I wait before posting the next part? I usually just post stories (all my previous ones actually) right away after I’m finished writing, but on this one I decided to finish all the chapters first before posting the first part.

I don’t want to just post the whole story in one go because I feel like it would take away any suspense on what may happen next. On the other hand, I’m worried that if I take too long to update, the story might loose momentum with readers.

How should I space out the upload of the chapters? Any advice?

I’ve done something similar as well in the past. My approach was to write the draft of the entire story first, then I released each chapter as it went through second draft, proofreading, etc. Just looking back at the posting dates, that put each chapter out about 3-4 weeks from the previous one, which was probably a bit long of an interval, so I’d suggest maybe 1-2 weeks per chapter.

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I’ve only managed it a couple times, but I really like to post a part every couple days. I really like feeling like it’s a bit of an ‘event’, even if nobody else does :wink:. If you post chapters less than a day apart, then people tend to miss a chapter.

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If I have a multi-part story completely composed, then I tend to post about two chapters a week. That 3-4 day gap is just enough time to get readers really excited for the next chapter.

Judging by the number of comments on the last chapters of my story a lot of readers lost interest, so it is probably a good idea to release chapters a least once a week if not quicker.

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That the number of hits decreases is quite common.

The main reason is that the first part of a series attracts a lot of curious people, while subsequent parts only attract those who liked the first part. And then, of course, you have to keep them interested.

Also comments help a lot. If a story gets loads of comments, people start to come back to it, as they want to know what the fuzz is about.

So, people, keep commenting! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about anyone else, but the comments also keep me writing. It takes hours to write a story, take the ten seconds and tell us what you loved about it.