Posting Stories

I tried to post a story, but the system is not working. Something is up

I’ve updated the ‘new story’ page but the browser cache is still showing the old version for many people. I’ve tried to fix that, but if it still doesn’t work, deleting your browser cache should do the trick.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I just attempted to make a small edit to one of my old stories, “The Ride”, having noticed a typo after someone commented on the story. I made the edit, clicked update, and the story vanished. I’m hoping it’s just in some post-edit limbo and will eventually return to the site, but if not, let me know and I can repost it.

Don’t worry, the story is still there:

All stories have to be reapproved after they’ve been edited.

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Okay, good. That’s what I figured/hoped.

Thank you Martin for allowing for editing (correcting) of stories once they’re posted.

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