Praised by BOTS?

HI All… looks like every chapter I’ve written on here just got a praise comment… which is nice on the face of it… but I notice that a LOT of you have identically phrased comments from DIFFERENT USERS.

I hate to be the one doubting it… but it looks like the AI Bots like our work! (which is almost a story in itself)


Yes, there’s no question it’s a bot. It became active yesterday and last I heard, had spammed at least 2500 different stories with the same link. Martin said he was on vacation, so unable to take care of it right away, but I’m sure he will as soon as he can.

It probably goes without saying, but do not click on the links it provides. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, but I investigated it a little yesterday, and the link takes you to a site that has no other purpose than to process any incoming clicks. It could be a phishing site, a virus, advertising…I never bothered to check beyond confirming that there was nothing legitimate about it.