Pro Editor / Writer - offering services to certain writers


I am an editor at a major corporation with an education in screenwriting and storytelling. I also freelance as a ghostwriter of YA books.

I’d like to help any novices who may be interested in writing a story that features feminization or twinkification, people who can churn out scenes and plots but may need help refining things like dialogue, pacing, etc. I’d help with that kind of story for free. For other stories, I might charge a discounted hourly rate or decline due to time restraints. Anyways – reach out if interested!



You could add your profile to the list of authors offering commissions. Even though your offer is not exactly commissioning, it’s close enough, and you can explain it in your commissioning details in your profile.

The advantage is that you would be listed prominently on the home page in this list:

Thanks, Martin! Will do!

Ah, I guess I may have to be an author before I can add? I haven’t posted any stories under this name.

No, you just need to have a profile (i.e. you have to be logged on, then check out User -> Your Profile) and you need to be a Tier 2 sponsor :slight_smile:

I’d like to think I don’t need help with my dialogue and pacing…but how can I get a YA ghostwriting gig! :slight_smile: