Prostate attack idea

I had a host of ideas to use in a story but I don’t think I write dialogue well enough to pull it off. I had a number of back story ideas even some ideas for a series. The idea in its shortest form is a top to bottom story.

For some reason I am fixated on the prostate, most stories seem to treat it in passing. Some put more focus on it but few really focus on it as a means to attack someone. I have read all the Jack Parker stories I could find and the series that involved the three brothers comes very close to the kind of story I am looking at.

What is done to the victim could be done to any man but in the setting I am thinking of it is a case of group revenge. Oddly enough, I am thinking of minimal drug influence or overt mind control such as hypnosis and the like. The victim in this case I keep envisioning as a version of Bill Skarsgard as he is shown in the recent film Boy Kills World but basically someone tall, muscular and probably college age looking. The idea is someone full of confidence that they are the top of the food chain. I had an alternative back story that he was a bullied nerd that went out for revenge against a group and they caught him in the end and paid him back with interest. The idea is not someone clueless but someone the reader would enjoy see being taken down.

Sorry for meandering into the psychology. Basically, they capture him and have him immobilized. Premise is that he personally is a virgin, never has been penetrated by anything. He did fuck many and is massively hung so when he entered them he would punch up through their sigmoid colon…second hole…second gateway, have seen a few names for the it. He would dominate them and break them down and for many addict them to the penetration. They first get him hard then feed a doctored hollow silicone sound down his penis and force it into his prostate but not into the bladder. They could have some fun in that but they inject drugs directly into the prostate through this. Make up a description but I was thinking a mixture of cocaine or exstacy with chemicals from some of those herbal stamina pills that have a side effect of producing large amounts of semen. The idea is to increase the sensitivity and make the prostate swell with semen during the rest of the attack. Maybe pump enough in to follow the vas deferens all the way back to the testes. Anyway, this is mostly to physically prime him for the rest. He is not mind altered or loses consciousness. Also, there is a certain amount of violation involved with having something driven in where nothing has gone before.

The anal part would be next and in the short form I was thinking of a 4-5" diameter ass spreader ring is applied and spreads him open with the gap between rods framing his prostate where they can get at it…between the sound in the penis and the ass spreader they can get at him from within and without. At some point they progress to depth and explore him deeper and breach his second hole and make him like it all in the end.

The key is they are training him. Not psychologically but training his brain and taking control of his body away from him, but he does not realize it. He fights it because he saw them as weak when they found pleasure in what he did to them. He never saw himself in their position and it is his greatest fear to become like them.

The idea is to take advantage of the brain’s plasticity, it is not making him think or be a different person prior. That is why the only drugs would be ones that just stimulated nerve endings or amped up body reactions, not make the person think they lost control overtly like alcohol or drugs because they can blame their change on the substance and not themselves. Stimulating new areas like the prostate and anal areas can start as neutral or even pain but the brain adapts and the pain becomes pleasure or new pleasure forms as the brain interprets the signals better.

The story turns into a battle of wills between those that are tormenting him and the victim to not give in. If the setting is public it enhances the fear aspect of the victim to respond. It would be like a scenario where a confirmed top is forced to bottom on a stage and he fights not to show his body enjoys it. In the scene I was mentioning before it is supposed to replicate mostly what he did to his victims and magnify it. He starts confident then as he slowly get penetrated and then his body starts to betray him…first by signals he feels then the fight not to show it. He can feel and see himself descending to where is victims were and lower as they turn him into a cum machine of sorts. But he is still himself and sees where he came from and not able to help his body’s responses. I had an idea of a twist where they abused his prostate enough that one of the nerves are damaged in that it causes him to have spontaneous repeated orgasms, basically it left the nerve in an “on” mode so it constantly sends signals to the brain to build up another orgasm.

Reading that description, we wouldnt approve that kind of story on this site.
Stories on GSS/GKS must have a fantastical/magical theme, whereas your description simply sounds like a torture plot.

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It would be more like a method of hypnotism, except it uses the nervous system instead of optic or aural methods. The methods could change to using telekinesis or some form of magic. There is actually not extreme pain involved as it is mostly geared to be psychological alteration attacking the victim’s insecurities, I believe I mentioned in the beginning it is more a Top to Bottom type except it does not take a straight path that turns the victim into a slut, it is more a slow spiral where the victim succumbs in the end to his body’s reactions and feelings. Domination of a Quarterback by Jonathan Longhorn spent a number of chapters just bringing the MC down then followed up with going further. In Jack Parker’s he uses a number of ways, mostly superheroes. But in his series called the Fall of the Parker Brothers it was very much like the story I described, but he used drugs to weaken the will of the victims. In the story I was thinking was it was to increase sensitivity and semen production…making the victim feel more pleasure instead of blurring their memories. I suggested drugs that could be commonly found but it could be anything that can derive the same results. It is like turning the victim or ensuring the victim becomes more like the MC in Top Dawg. The method for the drug delivery is more to concentrate the drug and to reduce side effects outside of the area. Also, a properly lubricated sound is not painful, just a different stimuli that is a kink. It plays more into psychological impact, as it would be something new and keeps the victim wondering. You could use water control magic or telekinesis to hold the urethra open and administer the drug too, air magic I think would work but I am not sure of its results. Someone with blood magic could do the same effects as the drugs by adjusting blood flow to the nerves and genitals, that would be an interesting take on a person with healing magic.

My initial post was more about points of interest or possible methodologies using more mundane methods but at its core it is stimulation of the nervous system and essentially playing mind games with the person. My desire to eliminate something as overt as mind altering drugs is simply so the victim does not use that as a reason to cling to for how they became the bottom they are. While I like to read all sorts of stories, in terms of this one, I would want the victim to still be essentially “them” just living with changed desires…wanted or unwanted. Just changing them without remembering kind of makes them not “them” anymore. It also reduces the difficulty of reaching that end point when they just change desires. In a lot of stories there is a conflict of some sort, internal or external. In this you have a strong willed “Top” MC and you have one or more people trying to make him into something else, essentially what he was trying to turn all his other victims into. It is a psychological give and take to create tension as to whether or not the MC hangs on or when he finally falls…and how fast does he do it after he breaks. You could use tentacles or other vehicles to deliver the MC to his destination. Just was thinking that a closer interaction between the characters would be more intimate.

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I guess it’s maybe a similar concept as something like Baralai’s Enforcer: Interrogation—but with sci-fi tropes, instead of fantasy and magic? Aka, playing with tropes such as The Mind Is a Plaything Of The Body but in an erotic context.

If you’re working with sci-fi tropes instead of fantasy ones, would nanobots do the trick? Nanobots that can rewrite a person’s DNA, for example, or reprogram and reshape parts of the body—make it more sensitive, for example, or increase cum production and so on.

Nanobots would work well in that as they can be programmed to travel along the nervous system and optimize the throughput in preparation for the rest. In psychology they have been extrapolating that the brain rewrites itself and adjusts based on input. It is how when there is brain damage the brain will remap itself to restore functions over time. The theory calls the effect plasticity, it is akin to brainwashing or reprogramming the brain.

This was demonstrated by a story about a 60-year-old man that had explored prostate play and found it grew more pleasurable each time he did it until the only sex he had was from direct prostate stimulation. This was over months and years until he found he could not stop having orgasms even without the stimulation. He was reported to have over 60 spontaneous orgasms every day. He went to a doctor and was working on a way to deprogram his brain. The ongoing theory is that as the prostate stimulation was introduced the brain slowly acknowledged the new signals from the nerves and essentially optimized the response to it since it was part of the pleasure centers and eventually essentially doing it in reverse where it would generate its own orgasmic response and recreate the same signals.

In brain washing it is often similar in nature, often using drugs or other means to confuse the brain and reintroduce ideas and responses. Usually brainwashing in the current mundane day is inexact and unpredictable, so it is unreliable.

In the story I am thinking about is using this same principle but the means to do it varies. The prostate and the sigmoid colon are two points that can be taken advantage of with nerve endings to be exploited. I wanted to avoid direct mind control because that would remove the mental struggle between the MC and his attackers. The idea of the MC/Victim being originally one that did similar things except maybe using more mundane methods would give a more justice/revenge motive to the attackers by making the MC become what he wanted his victims to be. The struggle is part physical, but much is the MC trying to resist and hang on to his own self-image of being an Alpha or whatever mental image he had.

I was considering having a tentacle replace the sound, maybe a creature created or bred to feed on semen and like the old Q-bert video game would use a tentacle or rather its tongue to enter and find the prostate and pump saliva or some chemical designed to raise production of the glands in and round the prostate, if not to testes. In one concept have the tongue go all the way through the prostate and follow the vas deferens to the testes, which if lubricated well enough and thin enough could be felt but not be painful and for many probably pleasurable due to the region it was travelling. The MC would not know what it was really doing but would just see it as another “torture” he subjected to.

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