Public humiliation stories

Hi all, I am a sub that is super into public humiliation, forced public nudity etc… and I would love to read more stories on this topic, but I don’t know how to search the relevant stories properly.

Any recommendations of the stories that include being forced to be naked in public, or being forced to wear exposed thong, speedo or lycra in public settings? That would be appreciated.

You can search the site by tags. I know “ENM” is a tag because I was the first to use it. I think there are also tags for thong, speedo and maybe lycra.

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As Evelded said, the tag system here is quite useful for searching, and one other advantage is the “similar tags” option when you search (which i think is the default), so helps to cast a wider net when you search.

Other than that, when you do find a story you like, check the author page. You’ll be able to find more of their work, but also often it will list whose work they enjoy. Can help with finding authors who may have similar kinks.