Putting back up the old stories

Hey guys,

It’s firesix / Jay. I removed my stories about 9 months ago now or something like that. I’m going to be putting them back up over the next few weeks with some minimal edits (just fixing them up and all, since the majority of them are going on 2 years old and I think I’ve gotten better at flow and stuff since then).

I may upload totally new fresh stories which would show up on the newly posted page, but the stories I reupload will not show up on the newly posted page, so I wanted to make this post letting everyone know they’re coming back, in case anyone was looking for any of them.

Thanks guys and I hope everyone’s been great. Vive la baseball.


Welcome back!

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Thanks Derek! Missed you.

Wonderful! I loved your stories and was disappointed when they disappeared. Looking forward to what else you have to offer. And if you take requests, I would love to see a continuation of the one about the voodoo bobble-head. Such an interesting premise!

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Thank you SO much Evelded, it really does mean more to me than you know. I’ve always considered a continuation to that one, but never did get around to it. No promises, but if any story gets a sequel, it’ll be that one. I was always awed by and so grateful for that one’s reception.