Question about submissions and edits

@Martin Do edits submitted while a story is waiting for approval delay the approval process?

I currently have a story that’s not yet approved after 40 hours of the initial submission, but I’ve submitted edits, the latest of which was 24 hours ago.

Is my story in the queue as of its original priority or was it moved to be after stories submitted 24 hours ago?

Also, when edits are submitted, do you get a diff and see only what changed or do you have to reread completely?

No they don’t. You can edit and republish as often as you want, it doesn’t change your position in the queue.

Sometimes it’s a matter of whether there’s someone available to read your story. Currently, it’s the second in the queue, there is even one submitted on the 21st.

The stories are also not always approved in the order they’re submitted. I ask the team to check the oldest first, but longer stories or tags not matching a given approver’s taste might get skipped by that approver.

If a story isn’t taken care of, I usually take it up myself, to make sure the author doesn’t have to wait for too long, but 36-48 hours is unfortunately not rare with the current amount of stories.


Mine was also submitted on the 21st, at 2 PM (EST).

But I understand what you mean about the order.


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I think it might be up now. Is it the drone story?

No, it’s just a small vignette. I hurried to write it to get it in for the weekend, but it took a bit longer, so I submitted it on Friday instead of Thursday.

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I’ve just approved it, so you at least get the Sunday :slight_smile:

I didn’t have the time to read it just now, though, but I trust you.

Thanks Martin. I get very eager, but I can control myself. Don’t feel pressure from me. I appreciate a lot though.