Random cop idea

After reading a recent I got a random idea. Our main guy is assigned to work on a case of straight jocks raped and made submissive. As our cop looks over the evidence and interviews the men he starts getting effected by a similar thing that made it so the jocks didn’t reaslly fight or object. He goes from straight to bi to gay. He goes from well normal to dominant, with an aura of control. He ends up making some of his coworkers his and plays a bit with the jocks. Maybe he realizes something went on but by that point he likes it.

Just wanted to share. :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting! But why would the same thing that made the jocks feel more submissive make the cop more dominant?

Hmm. Good question.

Maybe it’s the nature of the interaction. Those who interact with a dominant become submissive and those who interact with a submissive become dominant. Maybe only certain people can be effected, more as submissive then dominant.

Maybe it’s a mnemonic virus. A pattern of words, smells, touches, and feelings which cause changes in people.

Hmm. I’m liking it

I could see scenes where the alpha cop speaks to a jock victim. Over a series of meetings we see the two shift a bit. With later ones having some caressing leading to sex in the home of the jock.

Maybe another set of scenes with a alpha cop and his younger partner, leading them down the path of sex.

Hehe. At the end the new alpha cop maybe meets an important politician or businessman who is equally alpha. Showcasing the presence of some sort of society.

I could see the idea that the original alpha offender was new to things and didn’t work to hide things- leading to an outbreak of public ‘rapes’. Maybe he gets caught or maybe the society makes him disappear, but by that point the cop is a part of it, with his own harem. A harem buolt with some of those targeted by the offender and some chosen personally by the cop.

I like this. Haha

Thoughts are very much welcome. :slight_smile: