Random Thought

So next door to where I work is a marine recruiting office. There is a lot of hot guys going in and out and running about all patriotically.

Too bad I can’t send signals over there that increase the gayness and sluttiness. Hehe


I’d be more interested in seeing them all mind controlled into loyal marines and speading that control to other marines and other branches of the military.


Thats a different idea, hehe. Military projects to create loyal subby good bois from among the members is a very hot idea. :slight_smile:

This one is from working near to a site and hearing the chanting and other such ideas.

But yeah military men being tranced is a fun concept.

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It’s the angle I wanna play up in my stories; equally non-military types being made into hypnotized soldiers is another angle.

There is such a multi-part story. I thought it was by rubbrsome but I am apparently mistaken. A recruit goes into an army-like facility, and the guide seems to be some kind of drone-like person. Other people seem a little drone-like. During the night he witnesses that some men are given orgasms by a device, after which they lose their hair and start to act drone-like. As the story unfolds he is subject to this orgasm device as he gradually loses his free will. In the last chapter he is the drone instructing new recruits. It was a hot story!

@nycboot Thanks for the response; I looked through rubbrsome’s stories. He has the Drone story and Born and Bred which have some of the drone/military connection and the last part of Implant has cops becoming drones. And other stories like Little Friends and All Hail the Emperor have soldiers and/or police offers becoming drones. But most of those stories have a latex/rubber uniform for the new drones; I’m a fan of the uniforms of fabric and stories with military/police drones in those types of uniforms are a rarity around here. I’m writing those types of stories.