Re comments on Stories

i have no idea if this would work, but i was wondering if it was possible when someone comments on a story with their user name, you could click that name, and if they are an author, it could take you to their stories, as i said just an idea

It’s already working like this, MalSkin!

i can see that now, only just noticed if an author comments there a paperclip

I have to admit, you have to click that small icon (the user symbol, which can be a heart or a pen, depending if the commenter is also a sponsor or author).

That might a bit unintuitive. Maybe I should change it so the whole commenter’s name works, too.

i suppose in other sites that what you would do, click on the name then it goes to the profile

And could mail notifications be implemented when they reply to a comment? Currently I believe that only the author is notified when someone writes a comment or response, but not who wrote the comment.

Since the comments don’t yet support a direct reply, this would be hard to do.

I know this could use some improvement, however, a complete overhaul would be more appropriate…

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Well, hopefully maybe in the future. :slight_smile: