Really specific fetishes

Does anyone else have a sort of niche or overly specific thing that they’re super into? I don’t just mean mind control, cuz obviously, all of us, but something more specific. I’ll start. Baseball. Literally everything about it. I don’t know why. I like it from a sports fan perspective too, it’s my favorite sport, so maybe I’m biased, but… all the hot guys play baseball. And they look good doing it too.

Update: me, basically

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I have a couple of clothing fetishes, but they’re fairly unusual ones. I’m attracted to guys wearing pyjamas (which is why you see them featured in some of my stories, though I try not to overdo it). I also have a thing for guys in camo pants/uniforms, though it’s not quite as strong as my pyjama fetish.

Also, there’s nothing terribly unusual about liking to be blindfolded…except that I also like being blindfolded as the Dom in a scene. Obviously, a lot of scenes won’t lend themselves to that, but I just find things like massages and blowjobs so much more relaxing and enjoyable when I’m blindfolded and am forced to focus more on the sensations from my skin.

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I’m with you on the pajamas thing. My favorite thing for a guy to wear is… well a baseball uniform. Everything I write involves baseball somehow. Oops. Also, I can’t speak from experience for obvious reasons, but wouldn’t it be so much hotter to watch the guy while he blows you? That’d be half the fun for me.

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That can be enjoyable too, definitely. Some guys are really good at making that really submissive eye contact while they blow you, which can be a turn-on in its own right. But I find being blindfolded magnifies the physical sensations, so both are good.

I feel like you could add it in to your story as a display total control the mind controller has over the other men in the scene. Like, he could lie down on a massage table with a sleeping mask on without worrying about his slaves leaving or breaking out of trance and attacking him. He tells them to kiss and massage his body, and despite his completely vulnerable position, they obey his every word

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I find it really hot when guys are still wearing accessories (hats, necklaces, shoes, underwear, etc) and gear (harness, straps, boots) during sex. I don’t know why, but it really turns me on.


I’ve kind of given some thought to doing another story with the pendant from Prom Night, set in a totally different time period with different people. Your suggestion about incorporating a blindfolded Dom would fit in well in a story like that.

I’d have to check what exactly I said about the pendant, though. I think I at least strongly implied it had been “lost” since Roman times, so maybe it’d be a similar pendant rather than the same one. Or maybe I could actually tell the story of how it came to be in the first place…except for the fact that I never actually made up that story beyond the vague hypotheses we see in Prom Night.

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I’d love to see more of the Prom Night universe, even a prequel in ancient times. I could definitely seethe blindfolded dom part being there, maybe as some kind of ritual? Or at least he convinces the other men that its an ancient ritual, lol

Although honestly, I could envision a series of short stories of how the pendant travels through history. Like, its creation by a gay roman emperor who uses it to create a harem of slaves is the first story, and then we see it in pass hands to various men over time. Perhaps it pops up around Europe a few times, before being sold by a merchant to a sailor, who makes the journey to America on a very sexually charged voyage across the sea, then a nerdy museum manager who takes a liking to the artifact in the 60s and wonders why any beautiful men who visit his exhibits become very obedient when he wears it. Eventually the story would catch up to current time, and we’d see how it lands in the hand of our protagonist in Prom Night.

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The one problem with that is that my knowledge of history is horrible. I’d probably have to put a lot of research into any such stories to make them even remotely realistic. That’s not really a huge issue, since I did it quite a bit for the last chapter of WoT and the next one as well (I have NO knowledge of prisons whatsoever, much less ones from outside my own country), and moving to other timelines/worlds is something I want to start exploring more, but it’s definitely not something where I can just sit down and start writing.

(Sorry, that was a bit of a run-on sentence. Where are my editors when I need them? :smile:)

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Well, even if you don’t do a historical prequel, I could still envision a lot of stories involving the pendant, possibly recent history, like how it got to the U of T. If it were me, I’d do two parallel stories about the past and future.

The past story could be about an archaeology student in the 60s who finds the pendant on a dig, brings it back to the university, and slowly discovers its powers while having fun with professors and 60s frat boys alike. Eventually he becomes a professor himself and doesn’t want the pendant anymore in his old age. Assuming the pendant only works for gay men, he decides to place it with the other artifacts, assuming one of his gay students would find it and have a great sexual life. Instead, Casper’s godfather finds it, and we get back to Prom Night.

The future story would be about Casper going to the same university after his sexually charged senior year at high school to discover the history of the pendant. During his research, he discovers the archaeology student’s diaries and research notes, which is how we see the archaeology student’s life. Meanwhile Casper is having fun screwing his way through various sports teams and frat boys at the university, along with several of the hottest professors, with Hunter at his side.

This isn’t really a suggestion, more like a fanfic if I being honest lol. Regardless, keep up the great writing, even if you’re done with the prom night universe. If I think of any more scenarios where the dom is blindfolded, I’ll let you know