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I mainly posting what comments I’ve already made here, because I much prefer forum format to random comment sections and social media. I’m really really slow to adopt the glory that is social media and the more diffuse and participatory and much more personally visual internet of today

This is regarding another one of M Greene’s -well I guess we call them epics now. But really if not for the overt focus on positions and p*** slang I guess I call it erotica? the emphasis is on the gay sex but characterization, setting, and usually some kind of sci-fi ish concept at least as deep as a nice episode of the outer limits, or an anthology series like that, is often featured in his work. He also has other little kinks and things he goes back to smoking, Bears, interracial, BDSM, and he’s very much in the conversion aspect. Where someone who has an established straight Identity or at the very least a full life, past contemplate and react to the changes that make it so that the world -that’s another thing he’s very much about world or extant changes that the perceived setting becomes a massive gay sex zone- and reacts, reconciles, or go through new experiences thanks to their world becoming a bear interracial BDSM or what have you sex Zone.

You ever hear of something where say something has a bit of a crass or goofy concept but it’s executed amazingly well? As an example, the recent Oscar clean up by Shape of Water which is basically a remake of the Creature from the Black Lagoon where the woman actually does want to f*** the fish monster. I mean you could sum the movie up like that, but even if you cut out all the other references to Hollywood and of course the minorities who have reason to decidedly not look on with forlorn sadness at the good old days it’s plainly much better executed not just in special effects but characterization and so on. I hope the author takes no offense. He is not Guillermo del Toro and his crew. But he’ll take an obviously pornographic and self-gratifying thing that’s all about indulging this or that but really executes it well with characters that each have distinctive but similar voices, Contemplation of and consideration of settings whether that’s the post-apocalypse or in Belial’s Legacy’s case a medieval England monastery.

He really does bring a Verve and style to his works. Posted below is first my praise and then later some of my dissatisfaction. But it’s not so much as I don’t like it so much as… you know like you’re watching your television show and you’re like, “Get to the fireworks?” Or perhaps a General sense of feelings that you’re having Through It?

Ultimately I am confronting the fact that I am something of a negative person. But at the same time I’m learning that if I don’t promote and give responses to works I like authors aren’t going to keep writing what I like. But I want to express myself too, without having to be utterly polite even if I want to be considerate. So here are the two comments that I’ve made and I hope people who are following this particular work of Greene’s start leaving comments here.
And maybe even Greene himself will contribute. But of course feel no direct obligation this is just a forum post

Your attention to setting, specifics, and detail make the entire story POP. The set ups and peices, consideration of wear, the literary/histoical references or allusions, and the just right play to the audience.
I’m ALMOSt disappointed with some of the brief descriptions of the players, BUT you do well and serve the flow of words and narratives and events better where you conserve.[actually that method better than some inserted descriptions so if have to favor former, do so]
Again some great scenes, from the Prior’s seduction, Wat’s introduction and taking (doing more than one thing for the story at once), the introduction and development of the characters and the ‘lore’ worldbuilding.

All great things.

Its so well made I take the good you’re doing with just raw ingredients for granted like sitting down to a nice movie or television broadcast
For that I am sorry.
Really the visuals and interplay in your scenes makes me wish you’d get paired with an illustrator you kind of have this style reminds me of published work, aimed for easy reading, but very well made and just… right

I guess maybe it’s me but seeing as Belial’s antics have long since moved from punishing the guilty to out and out raping and recruiting the innocent or the just the plainly unavailable, for instance one Kudos on Cuthbert and probably other references I’m not getting. But seeing their fates was actually not fun.
I mean Belial didn’t take his ball and then go home. He’s stood in a place where he wasn’t quite welcome, corrupted it, and now is all pissed because someone might actually be capable of rebuking him as opposed to everybody he’s done similar no fuck you style yankings toward. I guess I just feel bad for Cuthbert who by all accounts was truly devout and was trying to see something about the obvious corruption that was going on in the place.

Though the entire sequence with Wat still gives me chills that was some good work man. Especially the mare sequence.

I guess it’s just natural but Belial’s long since left the underdog status, to sexual Rebel, to kind of oppressive Jackass.

I take it the pick of Raphael is because he’s most associated with art? You don’t have to look far to realize how much let us say love the sensual and Sodomy underline Major Art hubs if you just see a few surviving examples from The Works of Donatello and Michelangelo and so on.
Or it just makes for a really Kick-Ass name. I’m surprised you made him a classical blond as opposed to some beautiful Hispanic Angel type.

Being the Big Nerd at heart I always appreciate your blend of Fantastical scenarios with extra p***. And to be fair, Belial does seem to have a love for humans being alive, kinda. But given what we’ve seen and how he’s operated his calls for ethics and sense of being put upon just Rings false. Part of it is unlike other scenarios where you’ve done similar ideas belial is a person and an actor. He isn’t a special disease or phenomena where people over time start to adapt for various reasons. As such well he’s probably meant to be an enjoyable CAD in part I can’t just help but dislike him especially as apparently it’s one of those oh I summon the demon and even though I was supposed to have control I lost it just because trucking with demons means i lose.

Always makes it hard to root for the guy when apparently he can break any rules and hates any that happen to sorta inconvenience and is freaking invincible. There’s a reason why we have to have a final girl in a slasher scenario. Even if we spend half an hour with total jerks watching someone randomly and uninterrupted Slaughter makes us start to root for the jerks

This is more about me than anything but one thing I hope we end up getting is especially with the massive gay and so on Arts of the internet one aspect I do like about the rise of social media is the increased in easy access to visual media. That somehow we can get an artist with illustrations. Don’t take this pedophilic but one thing that I admired or at least we discovered my love for is the Oz series which is as much a part of the illustrations adaptations as it is the words on the page from all of the authors that have contributed to it. And some of these stories I feel really cry out or can at the very least be more fun with Rich visuals to compliment. Particularly in my mind as physical transformation and inhuman characters are also a thing 4 Green’s work as well as imaginative settings. No offense to others but you never just get a gym or an apartment. I mean it when I say that he is very good at characterization and setting and set up

Wow. This has to be the longest comment ever. I’m not sure if I understand everything you’ve written.

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I don’t really know what to say. This particular story has gained more responses than all my stories since ‘The Enemy Within’ and they have been mostly positive.

In my head, I call historical stories ‘The Catalyst’ and this one ‘romps’. They’re meant to be entertaining and not to be taken too seriously. All I’m trying to do is give my fellow gay men an interesting, hopefully occasionally erotic, read and convey the sense that people like us have always existed throughout humanity’s journey [and so we have, except perhaps not in the fully identified sense that has existed from the 20th century].

I have always had a love of history and, since I was 8 years old, have read countless books on the subject, covering many time periods. I try not to have anachronisms in my tales [unless they’re intentional one like Belial’s pina colada] and I’ve only made one howler about cigarette brands in my story ‘The Restoration’, which was rightly pointed out to me by an observant and knowledgeable reader.

I appreciate you spending so much time writing about ‘Belial’s Legacy’, Darmani. Your response is almost as long as one of the chapters. I take on board what you say about Rafael and Belial, but all I can say is that they are who they are. I often read stories which turn me on and then sigh as they go in a direction I do not want them to follow. The problem with erotic stories is that the only way one can get them to go the way one wants is by writing them oneself and that’s never as satisfying as have someone else writing them for us. Such is life…

Rafael is presently a Nordic type, but this is merely his current flesh envelope - he can look any way he wants to as he is a spiritual being. It’s the same with Belial. I’ve tried to make Belial a likeable rogue, but I guess he’s a demon and those guys sometimes do bad stuff, like double-crossing people and fucking them up. Sorry about Cuthbert…

Anyway, I truly appreciate the engagement of readers such as yourself, ncyboot and the anonymous guys out there as it’s your comments that spur me on to keep going. Thank you.

Finally, I sat down yesterday to begin writing the next episode of ‘Belial’s Legacy’, but I felt suddenly conscious that it was Good Friday and the most holy week end in the Christian calendar. This series has themes that Christians might find offensive, so, in respect to those brothers out there who might feel that way, I am not going to resume writing until tomorrow has passed. Some may think I’m getting ‘soppy’ in my old age, but it’s just what feels right to me at this particular time. It’s about respect.

Happy Easter to everyone out there.


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