Replacement/Duplicate Kink

I’ve had a fetish for as long as I can remember around men being replaced by duplicates. Hypnothrill’s “A New Crop” on this site is a perfect example. Does anyone share a similar fascination, and do you know of any other good stories or other sites with similar stories?

This is a hot one on Nifty I really enjoyed:
My Roommate is an Alien

So like cuckolding or being restrained and watching a better or other you live your life. Seduce your lovers. And ace your projects?

That what this means?

This isn’t something I’m into so I could have it wrong, but I don’t think it’s related to cuckolding. I think it’s like, when the person is literally abducted by aliens or something and replaced with a clone. The original person probably isn’t watching. They’re likely imprisoned or put in stasis or something like that while the clone lives their life.

How different from possession?

To further clarify, I think it’s a mix of all of that honestly. For example, stories around the protagonist’s friends, family members, etc being replaced with clones that are “improved” versions, sometimes with sinister implications. The original doesn’t always have to be involved after the cloning. The protagonist just notices something off or different about the person who has been replaced, and sex being involved is of course a major turn on.

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