\\--REQUEST--// The ability to filter out certain tags (incest, farting, vore...) when searching stories [Please comment to show your support for this proposal! Thanks!]

For example:

I’d like the ability to search for tags that feature ‘Cops’ but I don’t want any of the results to also contain the tag ‘farting’

Currently there’s no way to do that.

Please comment below to voice your support for this proposal!

If other people show that they also want to see this feature, It’s more likely that it’ll come sooner

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Filtering/searching with not logic, or even just and logic, gets really complicated really quickly. It’s the type of thing where Martin will spend a bunch of time getting it to work (because he’ll have to figure out how to write the ElasticSearch query, which will take time) and then create a user interface which is at least somewhat intuitive, which will take more time, and then… three people will use it, because the rest won’t understand or care how it works.

The ability to search and exclude certain words presupposes thorough subject analysis with controlled vocabulary/thesaurus. A while back, Martin explained the basic search is a controlled vocabulary but that additional keywords were added. As far as I recall, no words were added for those subjects which Martin or most people would not consider fetish (e.g. farting).

We have to separate two kinds of searches: The indexed full text search and the tag filter.

The original poster is talking about the tag filter, as far as I understand him.

Most of the issues MonsterMash mentions are about the full text search (which is done using “ElasticSearch”), and he’s absolutely right about everything he wrote.

I will not add a complex search engine that will allow the user to exclude stories which contain certain words or terms - the effort would be substantial and I’m sure that one hand would be enough to count all the instances this would be used in the next 10 years or so.

But on the other hand, Guest just wants to filter out some tags. And I can totally understand the use of that - A person would - for example - want to find stories about a “slut” but might want to avoid stories about “scat” or “fart”.

Technically that’s possible to implement with reasonable effort, as long as we’re talking about tags only. So I’ll consider it, if there’s some demand for that.

However, I’ve been using the search a lot myself (obviously) and I usually just filter out the results manually. So, for example, I’m not so fond of stories about slobs and weight-gain - so if I come across those in my search I just skip them. The search result does list all the tags for each story it lists, after all.

So I’m not sure how much this would going to be used after all. The user interface would be even more complicated as it is already (how many people really understand those “Find Similar Tags” and “Match All Tags” switches?) and I don’t want people to avoid the search because they’re overwhelmed by it.

That’s why I’ve asked the original poster (who has sent me his request by PM originally) to post it publicly. If I see that there are people looking for that functionality, I’ll gladly put some time into it. Probably by offering some “advanced search options” button which would be a compromise between functionality and user-friendlyness.

So please let me know your opinion!

For me on a sight with both straight and gay content the ability to filter out hetero stuff is fantastic.

But on this site the ability to search by tag for me satisfies the need on filtering things I don’t want to see.

I mean I like rimming so I search it a lot. But two stories couk d come up, both with rimming, but one quite far from my interest whil W the other is fine. Because of this fact i still need to read over the search result.

It’s tgecsane when a stir y is tagged Rimming and Slob (to use an above example). It has rimming, which I like, but slob is not to my cup of tea - so I see it and move on.

Basically, in my long winded manner, I have to say if the feature is there I might use it butg if it’s not it doesn’t ruin anything.

And I would not want our great host to spend weeks on something that has little direct use.

But, that said, yes, search filters are kind of cool.

I do the same as Martin and Heru mentioned. The site has a lot of stories, but some categories are niche enough to let me filter by myself once I got the list with my kink.

Although I see and understand the use of a filter in tags search, specially in the case of sensitive stuff like scat or incest, I don’t know if it’s necessary as of now.

When NCMC was folding you could download the entire corpus of stories. I thought having that would make it easier searching for stories that I vaguely remembered. But it didn’t - it’s too much for simple searching.

People on this site are too prudish and complain far too much. And if it didn’t exist you’d just complain about that too.

Excuse me?! Prudish on this site? It’s not prudish not to be into some kind of fetish. We allow about any kind of fetish (with the exception of gore/vore) and I know that there are fans for about every fetish imaginable. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t mind anyone being into scat or incest. But I also understand if someone doesn’t like these things.

People are different. Which is good.


You’ve already created tags if people are lazy enough not to read them and need additional filters instead that sounds like they don’t even want to see any mention of such topics. Why change a system that already works? You look up ‘cop’ and if there is farting tags, oops I guess you don’t click. But instead people come on here to complain about all the icky things they don’t like instead of masturbating to the things they do. But I guess if you’re in support of this then more work for you. I’ll continue to like the things I like on here or you’ll ban me for complaining. Whatever.

Why are you so hostile? I’m not going to ban you (I would have a hard time banning a guest anyway :slight_smile: ), I just wonder what you gain by attacking people.

Thanks for your opinion on the issue at hand, though.

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Sorry for being so hostile, thank you for everything you do for this site Martin. It really is a great place and thank you for communicating and being active with us. I’ll try to be nice or hold my opinion to myself next time.