Rescue Therapist

Just a random idea that I had.

Police in a rural and suburban region are baffled by the numerous missing people cases. Especially considering all the people missing are men.

Then a man is found naked and out of it by the side of the road. When apeaking to police he reports of a place where scores of men are restrained and being trained to be submissive pets. He managed to escape when the owner of the place forgot to tightly lock the door.

The police said the place, rescue the men, and arrest the women doing the kidnaping and training.

Our main character is a therapist brought in my the court to evaluate all the men. Men who seem to be super submissive and eager to please when given kindness and pats.

Our therapist finds ways to get the men to return to visible standards of society while also understanding and accerpting and enjoying there new gay submissive needs. As part of this he works to pair one or two of the men with a gay man who can act like mentor and advisor.

Like I said just a base idea.

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Oooh, great for a “fetish or scene of the chapter” set up, and for long term characters, especially costs and side effects.
Appreciate the domme being present. Though perhaps not so much “gay” as submissive with many of them vearing to gay. Having the starting points same but different mean I hope the end points are too (man obsessed with cuckoldry now? becomes the ultimate homemaker even post therapy? Ends up devoted partner but can’t resist or stop unconsciously seducing men of high testoerone and aggression?
Needs to be cocooned to relax? Has a permenant cat/dog persona/mannerism or objection to clothing?
and so on.

Basically like the basic idea and how each of the 'therapies progress from breakthrough, maybe follow ups, and then full on adjustments and post ‘acclimation’ changes. And of course the possibility at the student learns so does the teacher Mmmhmmm.

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@Darmani Mmmhmmm indeed.

The idea of various fetishes coming into play in the training is fun. As is the fetish of the week idea. Some could be simple while others more complex. I could see pet play a lot, of multiple different pet types. But also sexual acts and such, yoye mentioning of cuckholding is perfect.

I especially like the idea of the therapist learning more and more how it was done, and then usimg it on a patient or two from scratch. Lol

But the idea of “normal” by day but submissive and fetish focused by night is super hot.

But your right, the men aren’t so much gay as supremely submissive with I being males who activate said submission.

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