Role Playing Game Story Idea(update)

Haven’t been posting or publishing here in a while for reasons. Ive been going through my own stuff with regards to my own kinks and fantasies and I needed to take an extended break from writing until I got things sorted. While I don’t want to say that I got it all figured out, for now I am in a much better place.

So! Along with feeling comfortable enough to explore this side of myself again comes new ideas.

I’ve been slowly putting together a story where a guy with a kink for Bears, Bellies, and man impregnating, belly inflating, body altering sex aliens hell bent on world domination one round bellied man at a time, is having a sexy therapy session with his best friend.

This guy is extremely worried that there’s something wrong with him for having this kink and for coming up with these fantasies where morally dubious sexual things happen to men, but he enjoys them too much to make himself stop writing stories about them, jerking off to them, or talking about them with peoplehes comfortable with. His depression over the moral dilemma becomes so debilitating that he stops writing and creating artwork altogether and spirals him into srlf harm.

Where the story starts, is with his best friend attempting to help bring him out of his depression by hearing him out and providing him with a safe place to explore his kinks in a sanitary and safe environment. The world of table top role playing!

His best friend homebrews an entire role playing game surrounding his friends Bear subduing, belly inflating, alien Impregnation kink to help show him that his fears are all in his head and that he CAN enjoy these things without it hurting anyone or being morally unacceptable or something.(Who would think that. Haha…) That hes only hurting himself by letting it all get away from him. And his friend also gives him a source of positive social interaction and acceptance surrounding his kink.

I dont know exactly where it will go but its emotionally resonant for myself and my own issues, allows me to tell a pseudo love story between these two men, and allows me to explore my kinkier fantasies in a way that is fun and allows myself to be as crazy and out there as I want to be.

The role playing portions would be written purely from the perspectives of the men/creatures being played, with 4th wall cut in’s from the players if necessary.

Sorry for getting so long winded about the premise. The reason I am even posting this to the forums is because I am extremely curious if any of you have ideas for what shape/ form these creatures could take with regards to playing them in a role playing style game where your objective is to subdue, impregnate, and infect as many men as possible. How would you balance them for play? How would you structure this kind of game? I have a structure down, with generic ideas and such but im curious and fishing for any of your own kinky ideas.


I think it’s a great idea. Basically, you have two worlds: the world the actual players inhabit and the world of the game. The question is do you want to focus primarily on the game world and have the players’ world only come in when they’re forced to make a hard decision or a debate over the game; or do you want to juxtapose the two worlds and show how the stresses the main character feels in the actual world fade away as the game plays out and he is able to play out some of his fantasies. Either option is good and would lead to an interesting read.

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@New_Guy_in_Town The first chapter is going to focus primarily on the first gaming session and on the main character slowly relaxing into the idea and fully letting loose by the end of it. Just pure wish fulfillment, making the game as enjoyable as possible for himself. So Ch 1 I think is going to be mostly just the “In Game” Story, and then the chapters after that will follow the main character around inbetween sessions and follow his mental state. On a personal level, I just want the first chapter to be a cut loose and have fun by giving into what I normally want in my fantasies. So it will probably focus on establishing choices that they are making and expressing some base rules that the game follows.

I want for the best friend to be modeling the games rules on the fly to fit what the main character enjoys the most so there will probably be some 4th wall explanations that come in live while things are happening that help identify when the main character is requesting that the story goes a specific way. Etc. At least that’s what’s in my head. I don’t want to focus too much on the game being a “Game” necessarily, such as over explaining the rules. Only when it informs us on the main character.

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Great to see you back, @FiddlerBear ! The premise sounds great - you just need to figure out the denouement. If I may suggest: perhaps being transformed into this bear achieves something - like maybe there’s attribute that one of these alien-altered bears can do more than regular humans. Or they develop some kind of sense - or just achieve something that makes the guy satisfied in being in that transformed state.
Go for it!

@nycboot Oh no. I meant bear as in the gay slang for a hairy, middle aged, sometimes chubby, man. The only real transformation that’s happening is belly inflation mostly.

And im happy to be back!

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Your idea is very intriguing! Great that you will describe friendship in your story. I would think about what problems a friend who helps the main character can have. Maybe they have some kind of mental connection, and helping another, he helps himself

I got a small preamble going as a bit of an introduction to the Role Playing Games “Story”

In context it will be something that the two main characters concoct on their own as a description of the different player roles and an introduction to the game world and setting. Its a rough draft and not formatted just yet, but I wanted to share my progress to see what others thought.

"The Biker Gang Campaign.

Role Description: Fractured

Procreation. Reproduction. Sex. Hunger. Survival.

Disconnected from the Hive mind that had once raised you and your kind above such base and animal instincts they now take hold of your being. Where once you were psychicly connected to the Nexus, that great place just a thought away, that place that held all of the memories and processing power of your kind, there is suddenly nothing there to guide your function as an individual. Like an outpost cut off from the outside world your instincts for survival have kicked in and you seek only to reproduce and save your species from extinction, for you have no clue whether or not you are the only surviving mrmber of your kind. You have always been one individual. Not many. You don’t know why you are suddenly just one body, but you are all that you have ever known. And you are hungry. Naturally, your body tells you what you require. You need to grow yourself. To create more of you. And you already know of the best way to get it. And who has it. You will need careful planning and execution to accomish your goal young one. But your success will mean the continuation of your species, and it will be ooooh so delicious.

Messages from the Nexus:

Our kind have never been able to grow without the aid of others. Since the beginning of our species we have always required the building blocks that give the instructions on how to make all intelligent life. Our species has always reproduced by collecting and using the DNA of other intelligent life to sustain the creation of more of our kind, as well as being a source for our psychic powers. Early on in our species it seemed like just a cosmic fluke. A disease on the galaxy. A single celled organism only capable of replicating the DNA of whatever it came into contact with. Like any other organism, we would replicate and reproduce. A seemingly innocent and unintelligent mass of primordial goop.

But then.

Those single celled organisms started to talk with each other. They started to form bonds. To think, and move, as one. The most basic and primal version of the Nexus was started then. And as these cells grew into a multicelled creature it joined the chain of evolution that binds all living things. It grew limbs for navigating around this new dimension of space, sound, and sight.

We ramble, and struggle for words to describe what happens next, but oddly we find it difficult to describe adequately. May you then be satisfied with the rushed and nondescript explanation that we creatures evolved from there to be able to reproduce using the DNA of the other intelligent life we found around ourselves. Let’s suffice to say that we eventually used that DNA to reproduce, and discovered that physical seperation was no barrier to the communication that we had with eachother. Just like we were when we were just single celled organisms that discovered they could work as one.

Thus. The true Nexus was born.

It has been a long time since those early days of the Nexus. Long have we considered ourselves above the base desires of reproduction, or even survival. As the size of the Nexus grew, so did our intelligence… and our empathy. Eventually. We could not hide ourselves from the minds of the creatures we so greedily stole DNA from. Our bodies had adapted to be proficient at extracting it from other life forms. At manipulating them to serve our purposes. Their minds, their bodies. All was manipulated and changed to help with our growth, and our survival.

We ramble again. Once again we hope that this hasty explanation will be satisfactory enough for our purposes. We, the ‘Nexus’, that collaborative single celled organism, along with our method of reproduction, caused us to evolve the ability to seamlessly meld with the DNA of other creatures. We found that we could manipulate them. Change their bodies after absorbing their genetic makeup. We could make small changes using just dead cells, but the bigger changes required more genetic material from the creatures, as well as enough material to properly sustain the Nexus’s own growth and survival. Once the Nexus had aquired it, we could reproduce cells as if they were an organ of the other creature, and the other creatures body would accept it as it’s own. Thus we survived and grew.

We were no better than parasites, we used the creatures around us for our own benefit, and changed them to fit our needs. Heedless of their own agency. I do not defend our actions from back then.
But we eventually evolved and gained the capacity for empathy… and shame. Slowly and painfully, once we had grown well beyond the need for sustenance, we realized our error. For some creatures it was too late by that time. We had transformed them entirely to our purposes. Leaving nothing left but flesh that would produce the building blocks of life that would sustain us.

It is a painful memory. We do not wish to describe it further. We will only say that the Nexus eventually sought to progress through life and evolution alongside other species and creatures. Together. Taking all of their needs and considerations into account with our own. It has not always been perfect. But it has been better. For all.

Eventually we made our meandering way through the universe. Until we came to your galaxy, your solar system, and eventually landed on your planet.


How we did get here?
Why did we come?

All of those are questions to be answered later. They are irrelevant to the telling. What is important to note is that at some point in our traversing of your galaxy an event happened. We do not know what caused it, or the source of the disturbance. All we knew was that, all of the sudden the Nexus was… Fractured. No longer whole. We lost the ability to communicate with one another for a time. Each of our individual bodies, after eons of being united, all of us moving as one thought, were suddenly individual of one another. To some of us the Nexus was simply… Gone.

It is impossible to describe the impact this has had on us, and we do not have the proper amount of time to tell it all now. For now, we shall reveal to you that not all of us were permanently sundered from the Nexus. The majority of the Nexus has been restored successfully.

Those that were deployed as probes to your planet have not reestablished contact with the Nexus. And while we are unsure of their fate we feel it is imperative to let you know that your kind is in grave danger.

When the Fracture occured our bodies were disconnected from everything that makes us the evolved creatures that we are now. Our conciousness reduced to that which we were eons ago in that primordial pool. Disconnected from the Nexus those bodies will revert back to their survival instincts. Some of the more complex ones will try to reestablish contact with the Nexus, being evolved enough and intelligent enough to not interfere with your kind, and maybe able to even round up the other fractured. The smaller of these creatures however…
Humans, we fear what has been unleashed on you while they are disconnected from the Nexus. We meant them only to be probes, most of them small enough mainly to go unnoticed by your kind, but sophisticated enough to relay information back to us. Disconnected from the Nexus those probes will have reverted back to beasts. They will think only of survival, and will be extraordinarily efficient at it.

We begin to tire of expositing information. We will have further discussion with you on this matter and in a more formal setting. We will do everything we can to help your species and protect them from the fractured.

We can say with confidence that while your people are in great danger, we assure you that your Woman and Children should be safe from direct harm. They would not be the ideal targets of one us trying to survive.

Your men on the other hand are in grave peril. One single sperm cell is enough to fertilize one human egg. Adult Human Men produce more than 100 million sperm when they ejaculate. All of which are rich with human genetic material that our species uses to reproduce our own cells and grow to different stages. Other males of different species would be sufficient of course. But they wouldn’t be nearly as efficient as human DNA, nor would it be as desirable. Your species has the capacity for complex thought. With the ability to self reflect and empathize with the world around you. The genetic DNA of such a creature would be simply irresistible for our kind. We will explain in time what to look for when trying to spot men that are under the influence of a fractured one, and it is our hope that you will accept our help in reclaiming them to prevent further harm coming to your species. This is not how we intended to make first contact. But it is how we must proceed moving forward. We understand if you do not wish our help in this. Respectfully, we will not stop in our attempt to undo what has been done. There is too much here at risk for both of our species.

We recommend keeping an eye out for adult men, most likely well above the adult age, with a large amounts of fat gathered around the stomach specifically. If men matching that description are found acting suspicious, or trying to seduce, subdue, or have sex with other men who match that description then notify us immediately. We understand that there is a subset of men who do this naturally, and we do not intend to discriminate against them. But heavy monitoring of any men matching that description and their behavior is advised for their own safety. We shall explain why in due time.

Additionally, we recommend that a taskforce designed to specifically respond to any confirmed ‘Fractured’ be created and operated in coordination with the Nexus. Hopefully this will be prepared before we arrive.

Be safe and be vigilant humans.
We are coming."

I plan on making another one for what are going to be the Human/ Nexus hosts that are going to be tracking down the Fractured so that they can be re- assimilated. The idea being that once the Fractured have a “successful” campaign they will inevitably show signs of their existence to a watchdog organization run by Humans in league with the Nexus and the Government that is supposed to specialize in trying to repair the damage done by the Fractured. Usually in a very Men In Black sort of way. Functionally, the game is designed for you to build up a Fractured from the ground up, until you either get caught somehow by a human bystander who alerts the Nexus, or until you grow so big that your presence is impossible to miss for the Nexus, who the players then play agents that go in and dismantle the Fractured that you set up before.