Rules for stories posted on GaySpiralStories

These are the rules all stories submitted to GaySpiralStories:

  • The story should include some kind of mind control of men.
  • No sex or manipulation/hypnosis of children or pre-pubescent teens.
    All relevant characters must be depicted as sexually mature!
  • No hard violence, blood, and gore! No mutilations, no dismemberment!
  • The story must be yours! Do not repost someone else’s story here. Email the original author and ask them to post it instead.
  • The story must be at least 1000 words long.
  • You must be over 18 to post a story.
  • No images of any persons under the age of 18.

Some background to these rules, especially the whole ‘underage’ topic.

I personally don’t like to read texts about adults abusing children and prepubescent people in any way. I also don’t want to read stories where people get mutilated. This is the only reason for those rules!

Many stories on this site contain fantasies about things that are absolutely not acceptable in real life. But they are just that: A story. Just like in a murder story or a bloody horror story, where nobody would mind that they describe horrible things.

It is absolutely illegal to hypnotise a person to get any kind of sexual advantage. The age of the protagonists doesn’t matter, it’s illegal anyway. It’s basically rape.

So please don’t argue with the law. The above-mentioned rules are there because I want them to be there. And on this site, I am the law.

Also, since this site is available on the whole world, there is not “the one single law” which it has to abide to. Even if you would apply any kind of “age of consent” law (which I don’t want to, because there is simply no one who could consent - since it’s still just a story!), this age differs from country to country and even from state to state.

If someone doesn’t want to accidentally read stories about young people in sexual situations, he has to block the tag #teen. To do that, use the “Blocked Tags” button on the main page. I will make sure, that stories containing any character which is described as a teenager have this tag attached.

Discussions about these rules are ONLY allowed here in the forum or on the Discord chat. All comments to stories complaining about alleged pedophilia etc. will be deleted.

This is the thread to go for the Discussion about rules and especially the 'underage' topic - #2 by Martin

If you want to report a story (in case I’ve missed something which violates the rules or if I didn’t set the tag #teen), please write to