Run with this - 10 dads meme

I am always slow on the uptake and just had thoughts and feelings wanted to share based off screenshot from this video is this image

Realize perverse of me and source a bit mean spirited but just thought it’s hot or inspiring

So then so inspired to fantasize and not to write, what’s the story of this dad commune

They into dad aesthetic?
What makes them dads? like kids grew up and decided adopt each other?. Damn some on left look hung/packing

Could just be guys with dad energy or a weird phenomenon where by circumstances and experiences these ten men come together as a family
More fated and unseen change than direct kind of control or maybe it is?

I was an anime nerd. heard of the stand alone complex?
Where social phenom born without origin or control?
Like someone leader or catalyst like maybe one of them an unconscious mind controller who ignites the fire of the 10 dads phenomenon without intent but pleased bufwhilestarts not directed just influence or heh Parented by him

Maybe one is a con artist who set something Upor trying to seduce them?
Maybe one a recently paroled hustler
Maybe one or both buds from a divorce
Like grumpy old men hook up after something
Many factors instituting the dad clusterfuck

Anyways if taking this image and running with it, not even my ideas what want or could do with the family of ten dads?

But what your ideas?


I think men function best in groups. We all write and read about it all the time on here. Dad and sons, law enforcement, athletic teams, fraternities, military. And it is real life. Men function best in groups with male hierarchy. We try to emulate heteros too much when the dynamic between men is far different than it is between a man and a woman. This is heartening if true that these ten men are a pack. I’d love to find such a family and join it. Or create it…if anyone wants to do it…


Like said more a joke video, but liked the photo and caption so wished to know how you envision

It would be fun to write a story about how an unwitting bystander got sucked into this scenario, either as a son (for all 10 dads), or as someone becoming the 11th dad.


Ooh. Ojay thought on each? What story see in each?

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If @bearpeeper comes here, link that works