Samsung Hypnosis session?!?

Apparently, Samsung has a page called “UnSpoilMe” that supposedly hypnotizes you into forgetting a TV series, so that you can watch it again like it’s the first time.

I’m sure it’s a gimmick, but a) has anyone else seen this, and b) any thoughts or comments?


I remember hearing about this!

I’ll try it later tonight and report back.

So I tried it. Even if it does not do what is it designed to do, the hypnosis itself is very well done and very effective. I was most certainly in a very relaxed, trance-like state. Supposedly the process requires a night of sleep to fully integrate the instructions received into the rest of your mind, so whether it ‘worked’ or not remains to be seen.

So after a full night’s sleep I can report that it did not work, unfortunately. I still remember everything about Breaking Bad, which is the show I was trying to forget for this purpose.

With that said, I do suddenly have the overwhelming urge to go purchase a Samsung television…:yum:

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Well I gotta say it’s an interesting concept. A potential erotic idea. :slight_smile: