Searching for a story

So long story short, I read something awhile back and cannot remember for the life pf me what tags I used to find it. The story went something along the lines of some dude who had compulsion powers of some sorts and he uses it for a business. Some asshole and rapist tricked some women who was rich and the lady goes to him for revenge. So dude with the power goes and turns him into a slave. All I remember, i think this maybe the last chapter, was the brother of the powered dude coming to visit because his bro’s abilities were faltering.

Chase Becomes Chaste

It’s a really hot story, though unfortunately the author never finished it after the first 4 chapters

Thank you!

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Does anyone know the name of a certain story, and it’s author, where a guy becomes a roommate/“son” to a dad and his two sons, and it seems like the dad is hypnotizing the roommate to become his submissive boy toy via a pendant, but it’s actually the roommate himself whose using the pendant to control the dad and his sons to become his dominant tops/his “daddy and bros”. Thanks to anyone who figures it out!