Secret Santa 2021

Hello there,

on the Discord an idea for a Secret Santa popped up and eventually the idea took shape so now I am the host for the first(?) GSS Secret Santa.

The way it works is that every author willing to participate will fill out a special form (link below) where you enter two tags that your receiver will write a story around, while you will receive two tags from your giver.

There are no prizes planned, this is all just for fun.

Here is the rules document, please read it before signing up. It also covers the sign-up process and it’s like one page: GSS Secret Santa Rules - Google Docs

The link to the sign-up is in the rules document, but you can also access it here (but make sure you read the rules doc first :stuck_out_tongue: ):

Well then, I hope we get a lot of participation. :slight_smile:


For clarification: Sign-ups end on November 28th, and I will send out the tags to each receiver the following day. Just to avoid people signing up while I’m already shuffling, due to timezones.


I managed to contact everyone to send them the tags except for one person.

Freaky1974abc, if you read this, please contact me either through here or through discord (if you have that, otherwise making an account here should be easier). My discord handle is Cockatrice#3295

Unfortunately I cannot contact you through GSS, because you don’t have an account here?

If anyone knows Freaky, point him to this message please. :slight_smile:

Most people have posted their story already. For those who haven’t yet, you get one or two additional days. Just try to get it done before the 24th so the others aren’t waiting too long.

A reminder: When you are done with your stories, post your story on the site under any subsites applicable (Spiral, Cupid, Collar) with the following tags:

  • The two tags you received
  • Any tags that fit (like with a normal story)
  • The tag “secret santa” (note the space)

When everyone has posted their story, I will post a list of all participants and what tags they have sent in and who has received whomstve’s tags. :slightly_smiling_face:


To get all stories posted in the Secret Santa campaign, use this link:

Secret Santa Stories - Gay Kinky Stories


Now that all 24 stories are in, I made a document where you can see who got which tags and from whom:

Thanks everyone who participated and I hope you all had fun!

Let me know if you want to do this again or you didn’t participate but want to see this type again next year. (Well, this year, you get the point.)



I really enjoyed reading the stories that came out of this competition, it was a great idea.

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Indeed. I really loved this secret writing challenge.

I wouldn’t want to call it a competition, though. The authors have been challenged, but not to compete, rather to come up with the best story they could, based on some tags which put them out of their usual comfort zone.

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I thought it was a ton of fun. I love prompts and always work bests with deadlines. Thanks so much to Cockatrice for all the organizing and the pinch hitters for jumping int.

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It was definitely exciting, getting a set of tags and then just letting the imagination run wild. You could run this challege again and again and it would stay exciting.

Who knows, maybe next time it will be THREE tags? Definitely room to play around with it.

Thanks again Cockatrice!