Secret Satan 2022

It’s that time of the year again and Secret Santa is back for some hot Christmas writing action.

Except Santa is sick this year. Oh no. But luckily for us Satan was so kind to jump in as a replacement.

Oh no!

And Satan being who he is decided to add a bit of chaos to the Secret Satan, more than usual. Specifically, this means every participant will provide three tags and all tags from all participants will be shuffled together and then redistributed at random. So you are very likely to get tags from three different authors to write your story around.

Sound like fun? If it does, please sign-up using the following form:

Now, sign-ups will run until (including) the weekend, November 27th. In the three days after that I will distribute the tags and send everyone their tags, so everyone can start writing starting December 1st.
Deadline for the stories would be 24th.


Please place a tag for this content. Some people don’t want to read satanic stories. Thank you.


Scrambled tags is going to make this really interesting, or extremely weird. Probably both!


I signed up so I’m in it either way, but how does this work exactly? We write the story with out (randomly) assigned tags, and then they get sent to someone at random? Last year, my understanding is you’d request a story with a synopsis or tags, and then you’d get that story sent to you. Will I be getting a story with arbitrary tags sent to me? Or are they just going into a pool of stories for the website? Just interested on how this plays out.

Last year you picked two tags and someone wrote a story based on them, they all went into a pool of stories, we didn’t know who requested them until the writing challenge was over.

This year works the same way, but instead of an author getting two tags from one person, they get 1 tag each from three people and have to fit them all together.

Alright, sign-ups have ended. We have 28 participants. That’s 3 more than last year.

In the next three days, I will shuffle the tags, and then send everyone their tags, either via forum or via PM.

I mean Satan will shuffle the tags. Haha, whoops.

Anyway, for those for whomst’ve it is the first rodeo, once you got your tags, you can start writing. The deadline is December 24th. You post your stories to GSS normally, but give it the Secret Santa tag.


I love the exchange stories! I still remember the one I wrote about space bee men!

Alright I sent the tags out to most people.

Remember, you can add more to the story tag-wise than just the ones you received. In the spirit of the challenge try to keep the received tags central, but feel free to add whatever you think makes the story more enjoyable. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was not able to reach two people:

TandySensation, I was not able to find either your GSS forum handle nor your discord handle (I assume you’re not on the GSS discord server? In that case I can’t directly message you on discord. Please try to reach me through either means to receive your tags.

Curt_T, I was able to find you, don’t worry, but unfortunately I reached the daily limit for PMs on the forum. Unless one of the mods finds a way around that, you will receive your tags tomorrow.

Everyone else should have gotten their tags either on the GSS forum or on discord. I had to message some people on discord despite them having provided a GSS forum handle, because as I mentioned above, I reached the daily PM limit on the forum. If you haven’t received your tags yet, please contact me.

Have fun!

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My Story is finished. When/how/where/who/whensowhomstsoevers’t are we submitting them?

(will it be a banner, do we just submit it like normal etc)

Just submit it like normal and give it the Secret Santa tag.