Secret Society Story Idea

I had this other story idea about a guy who gets inducted into this society or was born into it to be one of it’s ‘masters of the world’. They are an illuminati like organisation that guides the world towards it’s desired future. To be fully inducted, he must find three men to be turned into his general/soldiers/warriors to carry out his commands. He can also beshow them with powers and abilities to make them stronger.

This idea isn’t very well fleshed out and I don’t know if it will ever get written so I though I’d put it out there.


Oh not bad, need polishing but it can work out and I would read it. Ditch the superpower and it can go cool.

Also, you reminds me of an old story called The coffee shop by Canadian Cowboy

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I love this for many reasons, one of which is the main is the dominant. But yeah being inducted into a secret organization and told to make his central core unit is hot.

So many interesting potentials.

Also there is Domination by Mafistov, an other secret society related, I do like the concept.

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The Coffee shop didn’t really make soldiers, but it did intrigue me with the secret organisation.

The powers would have really just been enhanced strength, agility or super powered armor. Think Power Rangers.

I also considered the use of a hyperbolic time chamber to speed training and/or brainwashing.

Tho, at some point, it can be done if you want to in the coffee shop.

As I said, I would ditch the super power enhancement of strength and so on, so I can feel it more real but to each their own~

The Mysterious Mr Mercer is a story that also involves a secret society. (Part 2 kind of drops that aspect.)

Too bad writer decided not to finish series

I had a thought. What about the mind controller employing the use of something similar to the hyperbolic time chamber from DBZ? Where a day in the real world is a year in the chamber. That could be useful time for either the brainwashing to set in or to train them to fight and hone their bodies.

Not a bad idea, especially for a secret society or a man with certain techno arcane secrets. A pers on goes away on a trip for a day and comes back a new man. Hehe

If it’s a chamber then audio, visual, scent, and even a drug could aid in the transforming them into loyal agents.

Very fun and sexy!

I also had the idea of a society capturing five men and telling them if they can find their way out of this maze or through these trials they can earn their freedom. However, pursuing them, through the maze, is their potential master and if he catches and kisses them, they magically become transformed on the spot into his warrior slaves (complete with bulging muscles and warrior attire) and help him apprehend the others.

You could also do the same with multple men and multiple masters making it a big free for all.

I really like this idea as well, it’s extremely hot to me.

Imagine the group all being put into the maze and told to escape. The mysterious voice says that teamwork is allowed. But whast they don’t say is that those eh lead could come out dominant over those who follow them. Which is what happens, our main guy happens to get others to listen to him and so as they go through the maze he becomes more dominant and they more submissive. This could lead to gay sex, which he doesn’t fight as he is gay.

Those who make it out at a certain lebel of dominance get to join the society.

Really good sexy idea I must say